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Electron-Beam, X-Ray, and Ion-Beam Lithographies VI
Editor(s): Phillip D. Blais
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Volume Number: 0773
Date Published: 30 June 1987
Softcover: 34 papers (271) pages
ISBN: 9780892528080

Table of Contents
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An X-Ray Stepper For Production Lithography
Author(s): E. Cullmann; K . A . Cooper; W. Vach
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A New Mask-To-Wafer Alignment Technique For Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Lithography
Author(s): Junji Itoh; Toshihiko Kanayama; Nobufumi Atoda; Koichiro Hoh
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Status And Prospects Of Sic-Masks For Synchrotron Based X-Ray Lithography
Author(s): H. Luthje; B. Matthiessen; M. Harms; A. Bruns
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Versatile X-Ray Mask Fabrication Techniques
Author(s): Katsumi Suzuki
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A Model For Optimal Beamline Design For Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Lithography
Author(s): D. So; B. Lai; F. Cerrina
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Transition Radiation As An X-Ray Source For Lithography
Author(s): Melvin A. Piestrup; Michael J. Moran; Barry L. Berman; Piero Pianetta; Daniel Seligson
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High Throughput And Accuracy X-Ray Stepper With Plasma Source
Author(s): A. Une; M. Suzuki; I. Okada; Y. Saitoh; H. Yoshihara
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A Hybrid E-Beam/Deep-Uv Lithography For Gaas Fet's
Author(s): Yoshihiro Todokoro; Hisashi Watanabe; Hiroshi Takenaka; Hiroshi Yamashita
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An Improved Technique For 1/4 Micrometer Gate Length Gaas Mesfet Fabrication By Optical Lithography
Author(s): Brad D. Cantos; Ronald D. Remba
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Dynalith® Resists For Mid-Uv Applications: Formulation Optimization For Gaas Related Processing
Author(s): Richard M. Lazarus; Sunit S. Dixit
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Direct-Write Electron Beam Lithography For Integrated Circuits: Submicron Image Reversal Process Of Novolac-Diazo Resist And Its Stability Towards Composite Metallization In Bipolar Gate Arrays For Vlsi
Author(s): Rao M. Nagarajan; Steven D. Rask; Brian R. Lee
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Optimized Tri-Layer Resist Technique For Volume Production
Author(s): E. Kawamura; J. Konno; K. Inayoshi; T. Takada
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Oxidation As A Major Cause Of Defects In Electron-Beam And Optical Resists
Author(s): Robert Dean
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Lower Defect Photomasks Using Focused Ion Beam (Fib) Repair
Author(s): Terri D. Cambria
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Electron-Beam Reticle Writing System For 16M Dram Class Devices
Author(s): Naoki Kusui; Katsuji Tanaka; Masakazu Tokita; Yoshio Suzuki
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Production Efficiency And Intensity Distribution Of Pd X-Ray Source For Lithography
Author(s): Masaki Yamabe; Yoshitaka Kitamura; Yasuo Furukawa; Takefumi Inagaki
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X-Ray Induced Damage In Boron Nitride, Silicon, And Silicon Nitride Lithography Masks
Author(s): Paul King; Lawrence Pan; Piero Pianetta; Alex Shimkunas; Philip Mauger; Daniel Seligson
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Aqueous Base Developed, Single Level Resist For Submicron X-Ray Lithography
Author(s): Elizabeth Tai; Bernard Fay; Cynthia M. Stein; Wayne E. Feely
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Adaptive Discretionary Wiring For Wafer Scale Integration Using Electron Beam Lithography
Author(s): J. F. McDonald; M. Stanton; R. Rajapakse; H. Lin; R. Selvaraj; N . King; D. King; M . Haslam
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E-Beam Exposure Of Optical Resist For Mask Lithography
Author(s): Joseph Mitchell; David M. Walker
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Direct Patterning Of Polyimide By Pulsed Electron Beams In Soft Vacuum
Author(s): Jayaram Krisinaswamy; Lumin Li; George Collins; Hiroyuki Hiraoka; Mary Ann Caolo
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Response Surfaces As A Tool For Optimizing Proximity Corrections
Author(s): D. H. Leebrick; T. R. Witt; O. B. Long
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A Proximity Effect Measuring Test Chip - Design And Application
Author(s): E. H. Kung; D. M. Boulin; S. Vaidya; D. L. White
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Sub-Half Micrometer Resist Processes For The Aeble-150
Author(s): R. D. Coyne; O. W. Otto
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A Second Generation Focused Ion Beam Micromachining System
Author(s): L. R. Harriott
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10 Nm Fabrication By Focused Ion Beam
Author(s): Shuji Fujiwara; Masanori Komuro; Nobufumi Atoda
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Advances In Focused-Ion-Beam Repair Techniques
Author(s): Nicholas P. Economou; David C. Shaver; Bill Ward
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Optimized Focused Ion Beam Inspection And Repair Of Wafer Scale Interconnections
Author(s): J. F. McDonald; R. U. Rajapakse; H. T. Lin; R. Selvaraj; J. C. Corelli; H. S. Jin; S. Balakrishnan; A. J. Steckl
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Advanced Mask Repair With The Nanofix
Author(s): W. P. Robinson; N. W. Parker
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Submicron Optical Lithography Using A KrF Excimer Laser Projection Exposure System
Author(s): Makoto Nakase; Takashi Sato; Misako Nonaka; Iwao Higashikawa; Yasuhiro Horiike
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A High Speed Nanometric Electron Beam Lithography System
Author(s): T. Matsuzaka; N. Saitou; M. Okumura; G. Matsuoka; M. Ohyama
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Achievements Of Recent Research In Focused-Ion-Beam Technology
Author(s): R. Aihara; H. Sawaragi
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Laser Plasma X-Ray Source For Lithography
Author(s): T. Mochizuki; R. Kodama; C. Yamanaka; H. Aritome
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Development Of Compact Synchrotron Radiation Ring For X-Ray Lithography
Author(s): Hiroshi Takada; Kouhei Furukawa; Takio Tomimasu
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