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Space Station Automation II
Editor(s): Wun C. Chiou Sr.

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Volume Number: 0729
Date Published: 20 February 1987

Table of Contents
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Use Of Automation And Robotics For The Space Station
Author(s): Aaron Cohen
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Cooperating Expert Systems For Space Station Power Distribution Management
Author(s): T. A. Nguyen; W. C. Chiou Sr.
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Controlling Real-Time Processes On The Space Station With Expert Systems
Author(s): David Leinweber; John Perry
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Use Of Communicating Expert Systems In Fault Diagnosis For Space Station Applications
Author(s): J. Y. Read; T. P. Howland; W. A. Perkins
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Programming Model For Coupled Intelligent Systems In Distributed Execution Environments
Author(s): J. Sztipanovits; G. Karsai; C. Biegl; S. Padalkar; R. Purves; R. Williams; T. Christiansen
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A Real-Time Expert System For Control Of An Autonomous Mobile Robot Including Diagnosis Of Unexpected Occurrences
Author(s): C. R. Weisbin; G. de Saussure; D. W. Kammer
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Automatic Planning Research Applied To Orbital Construction
Author(s): William T. Park
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The Distributed AI System For The Dynamic Allocation And Management Of Power (Daisy-Damp) Testbed
Author(s): Peter C. Ohler; Steven B. Hall
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NASA Systems Autonomy Demonstration Program: A Step Toward Space Station Automation
Author(s): S. A. Starks; D. Rundus; W. K. Erickson; K. J. Healey
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Autonomy, Automation, and Systems
Author(s): Philip R. Turner
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Autonomous Management of the Space Station Electric Energy System
Author(s): John McClure; Douglas Berman; Fred Schweppe
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A Novel Surface Reconstruction Framework From 3D Contours
Author(s): N. Kehtarnavaz; R.J. P. de Figueiredo
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An Approach To Design Knowledge Capture For The Space Station
Author(s): D. B. Wechsler; K. R. Crouse
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Translation And Execution Of Distributed ADA Programs: Is It Still ADA?
Author(s): Richard A. Volz; Trevor N. Mudge; Gregory D. Buzzard; Padmanabhan Krishnan
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PLAN-IT: Knowledge-Based Mission Sequencing
Author(s): Eric W. Biefeld
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Passive Optically Encoded Transponder (POET) An Acquisition And Alignment Target For Autonomous Robotics
Author(s): G. K. White
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The Use Of Computer Graphic Simulation In The Development Of On-Orbit Tele-Robotic Systems
Author(s): Ken Fernandez; Elaine Hinman
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An Orbiting Control Station for Free-Flying Teleoperators: Preliminary Design Methodology
Author(s): M. M. Clarke; E. Y. Mok; W. B. Rosenfield; A. Quinn
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A Technique To Aid In The Design Of Optimal Robots For Use In Space Applications
Author(s): Gerald Roston
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System Architecture For Telerobotic Servicing And Assembly Tasks
Author(s): F.Wallace Harrison Jr.; Jack E. Pennington
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Computing Architecture For Telerobots In Earth Orbit
Author(s): A. K. Bejczy; R. S. Dotson; Z. Szakaly
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The NASA telerobot technology demonstrator
Author(s): P. S. Schenker; R. L. French; A. R. Sirota; J. R. Matijevic
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Tne Solar Maximum Mission Repair - Lessons Learned
Author(s): Bruce E. Woodgate; Stephen P. Maran
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Implementation Of Expert System Technology On The Space Station
Author(s): Ardell Nease; Richard Fulwider II
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Impact Of Intelligent Systems On Space Station Man-Machine Interface (MMI) Design
Author(s): Pamela G. Jamar; Anne Schur
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Theoretical Considerations In Designing Operator Interfaces For Automated Systems
Author(s): Susan D. Norman
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Video-Based Satellite Attitude Determination
Author(s): Robert L. Russell; Andrew J. D' Arcy
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Focus of Attention in Systems For Visual Monitoring of Experiments
Author(s): G. E. Blank; W. N. Martin
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Telerobotics: Problems In Display, Control And Communication
Author(s): Lawrence Stark; Won-Soo Kim; Frank Tendick; Mitchell Tyler; Blake Hannaford; Wissam Barakat; Olaf Bergengruen; Louis Braddi; Joseph Eisenberg; Stephen Ellis; Steven Ethiar; Denise Flora; Sanjay Gidwani; Ronald Heglie; Nam Heui Kim; Bryan Martel; Mark Misplon; Eric Moore; Steven Moore; An Nguyen; Cecilia Nguyen; Scott Orlosky; Girish Patel; Michael Rizzi; Eric Shaffer; Mitch Sutter; Harris Wong
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Cooperative Human-Machine Fault Diagnosis
Author(s): Roger Remington; Everett Palmer
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Autonomous Control Of Image Sensor For The Optimal Acquisition Of Ground Information For Dynamic Analysis
Author(s): Sing T. Bow
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