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Fiber Optics in Adverse Environments III
Editor(s): Roger A. Greenwell
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Volume Number: 0721
Date Published: 4 February 1987
: 18 papers (137) pages
ISBN: 9780892527564

Table of Contents
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Space as an Adverse Environment: Vacuum Surface and Gamma Ray Irradiation Effects on LED's and Photodiodes
Author(s): S. Hava; N. S. Kopeika
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Electron Irradiation of InGaAsP LEDs and InGaAs Photodetectors
Author(s): K. C. Dimiduk; P. J. O'Reilly
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The Effects Of Radiation On Optoelectronic Devices
Author(s): C. E. Barnes
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Static Fatigue of Optical Fibers in Bending
Author(s): D. Roberts; E. Cuellar; L. Middleman; J. Zucker
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Effect Of Hydrogen Treatment On Radiation Hardness Of Optical Fibers
Author(s): T. Wei; M. P. Singh; W. J. Miniscalco; J. A. Wall
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Influence Of Preform Variations And Drawing Conditions On Transient Radiation Effects In Pure Silica Fibers
Author(s): L. D. Looney; P. B. Lyons; W. Schneider; H. Henschel
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Radiation Resistivity Of Pure Silica Core Fibers
Author(s): T. Suzuki; T. Hayashi; T. Gozen; H. Tanaka; S. Okamoto
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Radiation Induced Losses In Pure Silica Core Fibres
Author(s): R. H. West
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Radiation Response Prediction Of Single Mode Optical Fiber Waveguides
Author(s): C. G. Askins; C. M. Shaw; E. J. Friebele
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Ionising Radiation Effects On Doped Silica And Pure Silica Core Fibres
Author(s): Alan Robinson
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Optical Fiber Radiation-Damage Measurements
Author(s): D. E. Smith; D. R. Jander; F. Roeske
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Characterization of 820-nm Single Mode Fibers
Author(s): R. L. Flurer; A. J. Cordi; C. W. Colburn; B. M. Whitcomb; J. W. Ogle
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The Effects Of Test Parameters On The Recovery Of Febetron-Irradiated Optical Fibers
Author(s): W. Schneider; U. Babst; H. Henschel; O. Kohn; H. U. Schmidt
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Optical Fiber Waveguides for Spacecraft Applications
Author(s): E. J. Friebele; K. L. Dorsey; M. E. Gingerich
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Optical Fiber Power Delivery System
Author(s): Donald S. Frankel; Mary Beth Tabacco; Thomas G. DiGiuseppe
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Fiber Optic Cables in a Harsh Ocean Environment
Author(s): Xenophon G. Glavas
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Lightguide Technology For Adverse Industrial Environments
Author(s): Ryszard S. Romaniuk; Feliks Szczot; Jan Dcrosz
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Low Dispersion Glass For Optical Fiber Industrial Applications
Author(s): L. Kociszewski; R. Stepien; J. Buzniak; E. Poninska
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