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Applications of Digital Image Processing IX
Editor(s): Andrew G. Tescher
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Volume Number: 0697
Date Published: 10 December 1986
Softcover: 41 papers (372) pages
ISBN: 9780892527328

Table of Contents
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Image Compression By Quadtree Decomposition And Truncation
Author(s): P. Cohen; A. Mokrane
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Low-Rate Entropy Coding Of Transformed Images
Author(s): Sharaf E. Elnahas; Kou-Hu Tzou
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A Fast Recursive Algorithm For Computing The Discrete Cosine Transform
Author(s): H. S. Hou
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A Surface Distortion Measure For Motion Compensated Image Coding
Author(s): Alan R. England; R. A. Jones
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Knowledge-Based Image Bandwidth Compression
Author(s): John A. Saghri; Andrew G. Tescher
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Efficient Decimation And Interpolation
Author(s): Kou-Hu Tzou; Sharaf E. Elnahas; Chun-Huan Wang
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Distortion-Invariant Associative Memories And Processors
Author(s): David Casasent; Brian Telfer
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An Experimental Digital Image Processor
Author(s): Ronald S. Cok
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A Versatile Video Image Digitizer For Pc-Based Image Processing Systems
Author(s): M. L. Heinrich; B. B. Feaster; Z.-L. Wu; S. Mitra; T. F. Krile
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Appa: Digital Image Evaluation For Production And Development Of X-Ray Image Intensifiers - Design Considerations -
Author(s): Peter W.J. Linders
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High-Resolution Digitization Of Photographic Images With An Area Charge-Coupled Device (Ccd) Imager
Author(s): James R. Milch
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Measurement Of The Landsat Thematic Mapper Mtf Using A 2-Dimensional Target Array
Author(s): Robert F. Rauchmiller; Robert A. Schowengerdt
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The Pixar 2D - Symbolics Connection: An Interactive Workstation For Integrated Signal-Symbol Processing
Author(s): Barbara K. Moore; Richard A. Upton
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Fundus Image Processing System For Early Detection Of Glaucoma
Author(s): S. Whiteside; S. Mitra; T. F. Krile; Z. Shihab
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Real-Time Inspection Of Currency
Author(s): Henry Blazek
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Two Dimensional Processing Of Speech And Ecg Signals Using The Wigner-Ville Distribution
Author(s): Boualem Boashash; Saman S. Abeysekera
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Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Of Calbon Black Chains Using An Automated Stereographic Technique
Author(s): P. J. Hood; D. G. Howitt
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A Study Of Texture Segmentation
Author(s): Edward M. Bassett; Bayesteh G. Ghaffary; A. A. Sawchuk
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The Automatic Recognition Of Mechanical Parts On The Membership's Principle Of Fuzzy Sets
Author(s): Li Yue-jing
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An Automatic Chinese Character Maltifont Generating System
Author(s): Bor-Shenn Jeng; Kuang-Yao Chang; Tsann-Shyong Liu; Jang-Keng Lin; Tieh- Min Wu; Yung-Lai Wu; Gan - How Chang; Chih-Yen Yang; Kou-Hu Tzou
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Subpixel Delay Estimation Using Group Delay Functions
Author(s): B. V.K. Vijaya Kumar; Srikanth Rajan
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Image Analysis Using Hit-Or-Miss Transforms With Resolution Pyramids
Author(s): Richard Alan Peters; Robin N. Strickland
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The Dynamic Ordered Dither Algorithm
Author(s): R. J. Crinon; Y. C. Jenq
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Fast Quadtree Decomposition Using Histograms
Author(s): S. G. Lele; H. Mostafavi
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A Minimum-Error, Minimum-Correlation Filter For Images
Author(s): Woo-Jin Song; William A. Pearlman
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Motion Detection Using The Statistical Properties Of A Video Image
Author(s): Jack M. Younse
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A Very Low Bandwidth, Unattended Imager For Surveillance Applications
Author(s): P. H. Eichel; C. V. Jakowatz
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Knowleuye-Baseu Seyentation Of Road Scenes
Author(s): G . S. Duane
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Chinese Character Segmentation Using The Character-Gap Feature
Author(s): Bor-Shenn Jeng; Chih- Heng Lin
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Scene Matching Using Edge Direction Histograms
Author(s): G. A. Roberts
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Document Image Binarization: Evaluation Of Algorithms
Author(s): Paul W. Palumbo; Puducode Swaminathan; Sargur N. Srihari
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Luminance, Hue, And Saturation Processing Of Digital Color Images
Author(s): Robin N. Strickland; Cheol-Sung Kim; William F. McDonnell
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A Computerized System For Measuring Cerebral Metabolism
Author(s): James S. McGlone; Lyndon S. Hibbard; Richard A. Hawkins; Rangachar Kasturi
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3D-Motion Estimation From Projections
Author(s): Anders Kalldahl; Robert Forchheimer; Pertti Roivainen
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A New Image Segmentation And Texture Analysis Algorithm
Author(s): Chester L. Richards
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Pattern Recognition Relevant To Multiaperture Optics
Author(s): Richard T. Schneider; Kenneth L. Meyers
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Robotics With Computer Vision
Author(s): R. Y. Wong; S. M. Lee
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Restoration For Sampled Imaging Systems
Author(s): Lynnette Wood; Robert A. Schowengerdt; Dave Meyer
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Wobble Error Correction For Laser Scanners
Author(s): Jingshown Wu; Ming-Her Chu
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Reconstruction Of Three-Dimensional Light-Microscopic Images Comparing Frequency And Spatial Domain Methods
Author(s): J. Bille; B. Schmitt; E. Beck
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Maximum Entropy Image Restoration: Formulated As A Correction Term To The Inverse Filter Solution
Author(s): Robert A. Gonsalves; Huei-Mei Kao
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