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Infrared and Optical Transmitting Materials
Editor(s): Robert W. Schwartz

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Volume Number: 0683
Date Published: 19 December 1986

Table of Contents
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Current and Emerging Materials for 3-5 Micron IR Transmission
Author(s): Richard L. Gentilman
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Lanthana-Doped Yttria: A New Infrared Window Material
Author(s): W. H. Rhodes; G. C. Wei; E. A. Trickett
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Infrared Transparent Mullite Through Densification Of Monolithic Gels At 1250°C
Author(s): N. Shinohara; D. M. Dabbs; I. A. Aksay
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AlF[sub]3[/sub]-Based Fluoride Glasses For Infrared Optical Window And Fiber Materials
Author(s): Gan Fuxi
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Recent Developments In Sapphire Growth By Heat Exchanger Method (HEM)
Author(s): C. P. Khattak; A. N. Scoville; F. Schmid
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Recent Developments In Growth Of Shaped Sapphire Crystals
Author(s): Harold E. LaBelle; John Serafino; Jeremiah J. Fitzgibbon
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Infrared Transmission Properties of Sapphire, Spinel, and Yttria as a Function of Temperature
Author(s): M. E. Thomas; R. I. Joseph; W. J. Tropf
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Comparative Study Of Advanced IR Transmissive Materials
Author(s): J. A. Cox; D. Greenlaw; G. Terry; K. McHenry; L. Fielder
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Toughening Effects Induced In Zinc Sulphide By Hot Isostatic Pressing
Author(s): K. L. Lewis; J. A. Savage; A. M. Pitt; K. Adams; J. S. Orr; I. Weir
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Current and Future Development of Calcium Lanthanum Sulfide
Author(s): K. J. Saunders; T. Y. Wong; T. M. Hartnett; R. W. Tustison; R. L. Gentilman
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Fabrication of Infrared Optical Ceramics in the CaLa[sub]2[/sub]S[sub]4[/sub] - La[sub]2[/sub]S[sub]3[/sub] Solid Solution System
Author(s): J. A. Savage; K. L. Lewis; B. E. Kinsman; A. R. Wilson; R. Riddle
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Infrared Transmitting Chalcohalide Glasses
Author(s): Jong Heo; Hiroyuki Nasu; John D. Mackenzie
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Mechanical Properties Of Chalcogenide Glasses
Author(s): E. Hartouni; J. J. Mecholsky
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Transparent Microporous Silica Fibers by the Sol-Gel Process
Author(s): H. de Lambilly; L. C. Klein
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Fibrous Thiosilicates And Their Crystal Chemical Analogs: Considerations As Infrared Materials
Author(s): William B. White; George Veni; Sarah Steele; Diane S. Knight
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Fused Salt Synthesis Of Materials For IR Windows
Author(s): P. E. D. Morgan; M. S. Koutsoutis
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Synthesis Of Metal Sulfide Powders From Organometallics
Author(s): Curtis E. Johnson; Deborah K. Hickey; Daniel C. Harris
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Preparation And Characterization Of ZnSiP[sub]2[/sub], ZnGeP[sub]2[/sub] and ZnGeP[sub]1.8[/sub]As[sub].2[/sub] Single Crystals
Author(s): He-Sheng Shen; Guang-Qing Yao; Robert Kershaw; Kirby Dwight; Aaron Wold
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Infrared Transmitting Analogs Of SiAlON
Author(s): Peter J. Melling
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Vapor Deposition Synthesis Of Diamond Films
Author(s): Andrzej Badzian; Barbara Simonton; Teresa Badzian; Russell Messier; Karl E. Spear; Rustum Roy
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Compressive Thin Films For Increased Fracture Toughness
Author(s): P. H. Kobrin; A. B. Harker
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Effect Of Point Defects On High-Temperature Optical Properties In Transparent Polycrystalline Lanthana-Doped Yttria
Author(s): G. C. Wei; C. Brecher; W. H. Rhodes
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Effects Of Surface And Bulk Defects In Transmitting Materials On Optical Resolution And Scattered Light
Author(s): H. E. Bennett; D. W. Ricks
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Trade-Offs Using Poly Versus Monocrystalline Germanium For Infrared Optics
Author(s): L. Van Goethem; L. Ph. Van Maele; M. Van Sande
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Viscoelastic Deformation Of Fluoride Glass Fibers
Author(s): Jasbinder S. Sanghera; Sun-Youn Ryou; John D. Mackenzie
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