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Ultraprecision Machining and Automated Fabrication of Optics
Editor(s): Donald L. Decker

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Volume Number: 0676
Date Published: 13 February 1987

Table of Contents
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The Future In Diamond-Machined Optics
Author(s): D L Decker
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Diamond Turning Wavefront Correctors: Opening New Optical Design Flexibilities
Author(s): S R Patterson; T T Saito; A B Meinel; M P Meinel; J E Stacy
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Development Of A High-Gain, Holographic Grating Projection Screen
Author(s): Holly L Umstatter; James D Trolinger; Michael R Smith
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Finishing Tubular Diamond Turned Optics
Author(s): N J Brown; B A Fuchs
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Theoretical Aspects And Practical Considerations In The Application Of Cnc To The Spherical Generator
Author(s): Fred W Clarke; Hendley W Hall
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Scanning Mirror For A Spiraling Toroidal Spectrointerferometer
Author(s): R L McGann; D L Decker; J J Shatter; S T Smith
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On The Design Of Ultra Precise Machine Slides
Author(s): David H Youden
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Three-Axis Contouring With The Large Optical Generator
Author(s): D A Ketelsen; W C Kittrell; W P Kuhn
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Cam Optical Fabrication System
Author(s): Leland G Atkinson; Duncan T Moore
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Testing Generalized Rotationally-Symmetric Aspheric Optical Surfaces Using Null Reflective Compensating Components
Author(s): Mark Craig Gerchman
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High Accuracy Form Measurement Of Specularly Reflecting Surfaces By Laser Autocollimation
Author(s): M S Virdee
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In-Process Measurement Of Optical Surfaces
Author(s): Gordon J Watt
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In-Process Metrology For X-Ray Optics
Author(s): Albert F Slomba; Lucian A Montagnino
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High Spatial Resolution Phase Measurements Of Optical Surfaces
Author(s): Chris L. Koliopoulos; David S Anderson
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Chip Topography Of Diamond Turned Ductile Metals
Author(s): P N Blake; R O Scattergood
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Tool Force Measurement And Prediction In Diamond Turning
Author(s): John T Carroll; Thomas A Dow; John S Strenkowski
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A Method For Orthogonal Cutting Experiments With Diamond Tools
Author(s): Richard L Rhorer
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Wear Test Of A Preselected Diamond Tool
Author(s): H H Hurt; G A Showman
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Diamond/Aluminum Interactions That Affect Tool Performance
Author(s): Robert B Atkin
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Diamond Tool Wear Vs. Cutting Distance On Electroless Nickel Mirrors
Author(s): C K Syn; J S Taylor; R R Donaldson
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Models For The Finish Of Precision Machined Optical Surfaces
Author(s): E L Church
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Near-Angle Scatter Measurement On Diamond-Turned Surfaces
Author(s): H H Hurt; P A Temple; J M Bennett; D L Decker; V A Hodgkin
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Digitally Enhanced Micro-Interferometry
Author(s): S N Jabr
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