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Stray Radiation V
Editor(s): Robert P. Breault
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Volume Number: 0675
Date Published: 3 June 1987
Softcover: 33 papers (313) pages
ISBN: 9780892527106

Table of Contents
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Frequency Response Characteristics Of An Optical Scatterometer And A Surface Profilometer
Author(s): G A Al-Jumaily; S R Wilson; J R McNeil
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Improved Facility For Brdf/Btdf Optical Scatter Measurements
Author(s): Leo Davis; John G Kepros
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Comparison Of Two BRDF Measuring Systems
Author(s): John G Kepros; Leo Davis
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An In-Vacuum BR/TDF Measurement Apparatus
Author(s): L E Gilliam; R A Osiecki
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The Application Of Angular Resolved Scatter To The Documentation Of Damage To Smooth Mirrors
Author(s): Calvin H Gillespie; David F Edwards; John C Stover
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A Simple Antireflection Overcoat For Opaque Coatings In The Submillimeter Region
Author(s): Sheldon M Smith
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Optical Scatter Characteristics And Surface Smoothing Effects In Coated Metal Surfaces
Author(s): J R McNeil; G A Al Jumaily
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Ultraviolet And Visible Brdf Data On Spacecraft Thermal Control And Optical Baffle Materials
Author(s): W Viehmann; R E Predmore
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Measurements Of The Scattering Profile Of Fibers
Author(s): Amy Lusk; Kie B Nahm; William L Wolfe
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An Interactive, Graphical, CAD Integrated Tool For Stray Radiation Analysis
Author(s): Ariel Dolan
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OARDAS - A New Ray-Based Stray Radiation Analysis Program
Author(s): David F Rock
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STRAY An Interactive Program For The Computation Of Stray Radiation In Infrared Telescopes
Author(s): Ann St.Clair Dinger
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Stray Light Analysiswith Apart/Pade.Version 8.7
Author(s): Robert P Breault; Alan W Greynolds; Michael A Gauvin
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Use Of Specular Black Coatings In Well-Baffled Optical Systems
Author(s): Edward R Freniere; Dennis L. Skelton
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Hipparcos Telescope Strait Light Protection
Author(s): M Duran; C Cricourt
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Stray Light From Diffraction Gratings
Author(s): George I Geikas
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Stray Light Analysis Of The Cryogenic Limb Array Etalon Spectrometer
Author(s): Thomas A Birge
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An Analytical Technique For Predicting The Effect Of Particle Contamination On Direct Scatter In An Optical Sensor
Author(s): Frank J Jarossy; Larry W Mason
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Effects Of Surface And Bulk Defects In Transmitting Materials On Optical Resolution And Scattered Light
Author(s): H E Bennett; D W Ricks
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The Scatterometer For DIRBE
Author(s): John F Bolton
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Stray Light Problems, Concepts, And Tools
Author(s): H E Bennett; R P Breault; A W Greynolds; R J Champetier; Phil Peters; G I Geikas; J Stover; E Frenier
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Scatter Rejection By Interferometry
Author(s): Boris Venet; William L Wolfe
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Stray Light Analysis And Suppression In Small Angle BRDF/BTDF Measurement
Author(s): W William Lee; Lawrence M Scherr; Max K Barsh
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Reflective Baffle System With Multiple Bounces
Author(s): William I Linlor
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Analysis Of The All-Specular Linlor Baffle Design
Author(s): Alan W Greynolds; Ramsey K Melugin
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Near-Specular Performance Of A Portable Scatterometer
Author(s): Kathleen A Magee; William L Wolfe
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Nondestructive Evaluation Of Surface Roughness In The 0.01- To 1.0-Pm Range Using Infrared Ellipsometry
Author(s): S F Nee; H E Bennett
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Eliminating Spurious Response In A Scanning Optical System
Author(s): Anita J Happel; Perry H Frahm; Scott K Gordon; William R Burk
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Particulate Contamination Control
Author(s): J A Muscari
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Oxygen Ion Cleaning Of Organic Contaminants
Author(s): T J Deguchi; G R Sasaki; R J Champetier
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Light Scattering By Polystyrene Spheres On A Mirror
Author(s): Kie B Nahm; William L Wolfe
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