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Laser Applications in Chemistry
Editor(s): D. K. Evans
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Volume Number: 0669
Date Published: 25 November 1986
Softcover: 29 papers (193) pages
ISBN: 9780892527045

Table of Contents
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Selective Multiphoton Decomposition Studies Relating To The Separation Of Hydrogen Isotopes
Author(s): Robert D McAlpine; D K Evans; Michael Ivanco
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Multiphoton Dissociation Of Uf6 At A= 16 µm In Supersonic Jets
Author(s): M Gilbert; J M Weulersse; P Isnard; G Salvetat
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Optimization In CO[sub]2[/sub]-Laser Isotope Seuaration Of Tritium
Author(s): Kazuo Takeuchi; Sakae Satooka
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Self-Focusing And Self-Defocusing Of A Tea Co[sub]2[/sub] Laser Pulse In CDF[sub]3[/sub] Vapor
Author(s): P Galarneau; Y Beaudoin; S L Chin
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Multiphoton Dissociation Of CP3C1 And (7P3R Under. CO2 Laser Pulses
Author(s): M Neve de Mevergnies
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Chemistry, Spectroscopy And Isotope Separation Of Zirconium And Its Compounds As Revealed By Laser Diagnostics Of Laser Produced Metal Beams.
Author(s): Peter A Hackett; Mark Humphries; David M Rayner; Orson L Bourne; Steven A Mitchell
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Photodissociation Of Molecules Rempi-Determination Of The Energy Disposal In The Fragments
Author(s): I Dimicoli; M Mons; F Piuzzi
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Two-Colour Multiphoton Excitation Of Methanol Induced By A CO[sub]2[/sub] And HF Laser
Author(s): Michael Ivanco; D K Evans; Robert D McAlpine
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Infrared Multiphoton Dissociation Of Hexafluoroethane
Author(s): C E Brown; J Reid; D R Smith
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Laser Excitation And Collisional Energy Transfer In Non-Reactive Systems
Author(s): W Forst; G Y Xu; G Gidiotis
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Rempi Studies Of Laser Induced Dissociation Oe Polyatomic Molecules And Ions
Author(s): R Botter; I Dimicoli; J Lemaire
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Thermal Reactions Of Ethylene Induced By Pulsed Infrared Laser Radiation
Author(s): L Giroux; M H Back; R A Back
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Laser-Initiated Chain Reactions In The Partial Oxidation Of Methane
Author(s): Steven L Baughcum; Richard C Oldenborg; Wayne C Danen; Gerald E Streit
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Laser Photochemistry Of Gallium-Containing Compounds
Author(s): Steven L Baughcum; Richard C Oldenborg
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Laser-Initiated Reaction Of Phosphine And Nitrogen Fluorides
Author(s): Joseph K McDonald; Roger W Jones
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Radiation Induced Osmosis
Author(s): Salem Elghmati; Xavier de Hemptinne
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Reduction Of By-Product Formation In Vinyl Chloride Production By Laser Induced Dehydrochlorination Of 1,2-Dichloroethane
Author(s): M Schneider; J Wolfrum
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Experiment Research On Multi-Photon Ionization Process Of CH3I
Author(s): Guo Zhenhua; Ren Qiushi; Han Jingcheng; Gua Yifu; Xiu Shaoji
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The Chemistry Of Isolated Transition Metal Clusters
Author(s): Stephen J Riley; Eric K Parks; Kopin Liu
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Diode Laser Spectroscopy Of Chemical Moieties At Surfaces
Author(s): J E Butler; V M Bermudez; R L Rubinovitz
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Adiabatic Inversion Of Infrared Transitions In A Molecular Beam: Theory And Applications
Author(s): T E Gough; A K Lewin; J C Shelley
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Molecular Spectroscopy In And On Noble Gas Clusters
Author(s): T E Gough; M Mengel; P Rowntree; G Scoles
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Metal Cluster Ion Chemistry
Author(s): Scott L Anderson; Luke Hanley
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High Resolution Overtone Spectroscopy On A Molecular Beam
Author(s): C Douketis; D Anex; J P Reilly
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Picosecond Raman Spectroscopy: A Two Dye Laser Synchronously Pumped Raman System
Author(s): Y C Chung; J B Hopkins; P M Rentzepis
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Laser-Assisted Chemical And Morphological Modification Of Metallic Substrates
Author(s): Julian P Partridge; Peter R Strutt
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Coupled Equations Approach To Intense Field Molecular Multiphoton Processes
Author(s): Andre D Bandrauk; Nadia Gelinas
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Energy Partitioning Measurements On Laser-Initiated Reactions By Time-Resolved Fourier Transform Spectroscopy
Author(s): J J Sloan; P M Aker; B I Niefer
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Excited State Absorption Measurements In Some Scintillator Dye Solutions
Author(s): A, N Dharamsi; Shawpin Jong; A B Hassam
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