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Infrared, Adaptive, and Synthetic Aperture Optical Systems
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Volume Number: 0643
Date Published: 13 October 1986
: 24 papers (251) pages
ISBN: 9780892526789

Table of Contents
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Minicomputer And Microcomputer Implementation Of Phase Algorithms And Control Software
Author(s): Mark G. Baciak; Patricia Wallentine
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Phase Function Of Spatial Coherence From Multiple Intensity Correlations
Author(s): A. S. Marathay
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Polarization-Related Coherence Losses In Phased Optical Arrays
Author(s): Gerhard O. Sauermann
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A New Approach For Phasing Optical Arrays
Author(s): Kenneth P. Bechis; Gerhard O. Sauermann; George Megaloudis
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Alignment Constraints For Phased, Diffraction-Limited Multiple Aperture Optical Systems
Author(s): Lawrence E. Mabius; Kenneth P. Bechis; Gerhard O. Sauermann
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Generating, Grinding And Figuring Advanced Optical Elements
Author(s): Lance D. Lund; Daniel J. Bajuk
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Survey Of Material For An Infrared-Opaque Coating
Author(s): Sheldon M. Smith; Richard V. Howitt
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Scatter Data For Zinc Selenide At 0.633, 3.39, And 10.6 µm
Author(s): William L. Wolfe; Kiebong Nahm
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Optical Design Of An Integrating Sphere-Fourier Transform Spectrophotometer (FTS) Emissometer
Author(s): Keith A. Snail; Kevin F. Carr
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New Optical Systems For The Measurement Of Diffuse Reflectance
Author(s): Keith A. Snail
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Emittance And Reflectance Of Various Materials In The 2 To 20 Micrometer Spectral Region
Author(s): Ronald R. Willey
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Zone Plates For Optical Sensor Applications
Author(s): Frederick O. Bartell
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Compact Thermal Imager Using CVROS Scanner And SPRITE Detector
Author(s): T. J. Strzempko; V. Bliudnikas
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Optical Performance Of Reimaging Wide Field-Of-View (FOV) Telescope
Author(s): L. C. Clune
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Phased Array Optical Systems
Author(s): Janet S. Fender
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Optical Synthesis Telescopes
Author(s): G. W. Swenson; C. S. Gardner; R. H. T. Bates
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A Review Of Partially-Filled, Synthetic-Aperture, Imaging Systems
Author(s): George O. Reynolds
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Optical Arrays For Future Astronomical Telescopes In Space
Author(s): Alan N. Bunner
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Astronomical Image Reconstruction Via Space Slit Aperture Telescope
Author(s): Francois Martin; Albert Bijaoui; Hamid Touma; Claude Aime
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A Parametric Study Of Various Synthetic Aperture Telescope Configurations For Coherent Imaging Applications
Author(s): James E. Harvey; Alan B. Wissinger; Alan N. Bunner
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Multiline Focal Plane Phase Measurement
Author(s): S. S. Townsend; G. E. Palma
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The Performance Degradation Of An Arbitrary Phased Array Configuration Due To Correlated And Uncorrelated Jitter
Author(s): Jeffrey B. Shellan
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The Effect Of An Argon Laser's Spectral Content On A Phased Array's Search For Zero Optical Path Difference
Author(s): Stephen A. Hanes
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An Update On The 15-M National New Technology Telescope
Author(s): L. D. Barr
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