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Modeling and Simulation of Optoelectronic Systems
Editor(s): John Dugan O'Keefe
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Volume Number: 0642
Date Published: 25 November 1986
Softcover: 39 papers (294) pages
ISBN: 9780892526772

Table of Contents
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Optical Modelling Of Induction-Linac Driven Free-Electron Lasers
Author(s): E. T. Scharlemann; W. M. Fawley
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Three Dimensional Modeling Of Free-Electron Lasers Using Rigorous Wave Propagation
Author(s): Anup Bhowmik; Ralph A. Cover; Ross H . Labbe
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Approach To Efficient Modeling Of RF Linac Free Electron Laser
Author(s): Chun-Ching Shih; D. L. Bullock
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Detailed Model Of HF-DF Chemical Lasers
Author(s): D. L. Bullock; M. M. Valley; R. J. Wagner; M. E. Lainhart; R. S. Margulies
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Analysis Of Reverse Wave Suppression In Multiline Chemical Lasers
Author(s): William P. Latham
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Large-Signal Circuit Model Of A Semiconductor Laser For The Design Of High-Speed Fiber Optic Systems
Author(s): J. Glinski
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The Influence Of Coupled Resonator Configurations On Supermode Discrimination
Author(s): J. A. Benda; W. J. Fader; G. E. Palma
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Modeling Of Supermodes In Coupled Unstable Resonators
Author(s): S. S. Townsend
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Analysis of Semiconductor Laser Arrays
Author(s): Weng W. Chow
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Numerical Simulation Of Gain-Guided Diode Laser Arrays
Author(s): G. Ronald Hadley
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Semiconductor Diode Laser Array Modeling
Author(s): D. L. Bullock; R. J. Wagner; Paul H. Corneil
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Longitudinal Supermode Analysis Of Two Coupled CO2 Lasers
Author(s): Dwight M. Walsh
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Modeling of Transient Four Wave Mixing
Author(s): Chun-Ching Shih
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Wave Optics Modeling of Stimulated Brillouin Scattering
Author(s): M. M. Valley; S. J. Pfeifer; D. Brown; D. L. Bullock; M. E. Lainhart; R. J. Wagner
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Harmonic Conversion of CW Lasers
Author(s): Gary J. Linford; Charles W. Clendening
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Raman Generator Modeling
Author(s): Charles Warner; Phillip D. Briggs; Bradley Bobbs
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Closed-Form Solution For Second Stokes Generation In Raman Amplifiers
Author(s): Bradley Bobbs; Charles Warner
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Raman Conversion Of High Power Laser Beams Using One Or More Pump Beams And An Injected Stokes Beam
Author(s): D. Korff; C. Duzy; A. Flusberg
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Effect On Beam Quality Of Lransient Refractive-Index Changes In Stimulated Raman Scattering
Author(s): A. Flusberg; D. Korff
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Two-Line-Coupling Beam-Quality Effects In Stimulated Raman Scattering
Author(s): R. B. Holmes; A. Flusberg
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Modeling Of Raman Scattering In Inhomogeneous Media
Author(s): Hiroshi Komine
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Raman Beam Combination In Multiline Operation
Author(s): S. J. Pfeifer
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Modelling And Simulation Of Large Solid State Laser Systems
Author(s): W. W. Simmons; W. E. Warren
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Global Coordinates and Exact Aberration Calculations Applied to Physical Optics Modeling of Complex Optical Systems
Author(s): G. Lawrence; C. Barnard; V. Viswanathan
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Optical Performance Predictions for High-Energy Laser Systems
Author(s): Richard Wade; Robert Acebal; Jad Batteh; Jerry Long; Wilford Smith
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OASIS State of the Art Software for Optical Analysis
Author(s): V. L. Gamiz; M. F . Abernathy
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Quick Response, Interactive Modeling Of Optoelectronic Systems
Author(s): Jerry Long; Richard Wade
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Simulation Of A Phased Array Experiment
Author(s): R. R. Butts; J. F. Riker; B. D. O'Neil; D. C. Washburn
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Analysis Of FEL Optical Systems With Grazing Incidence Mirrors
Author(s): C. E. Knapp; V. K. Viswanathan; S. C. Bender; Q. D. Appert; G. Lawrence; C. Barnard
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Fel Phased Array Configurations
Author(s): Jeffrey B. Shellan
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Significance Of Multiple Scattering In Imaging Through Turbid Media
Author(s): A. Zardecki; S. A . W. Gerstl
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The Coherent Field: Higher-Order Correlations In Forward-Scattering Media
Author(s): David A. deWolf
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A Note On The Equation Of Radiative Transfer For A Model Of Uncorrelated, Isotropic, Point Scatterers
Author(s): Ioannis M. Besieris
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Measurements Of Refractive Index Spectra Over Snow
Author(s): Edgar L Andreas
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New Method For Numerical Simulation Of Atmospheric Turbulence
Author(s): J. Wallace; F. G. Gebhardt
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Effective Dielectric Permittivity With Respect To Second Field Moments In Randomly Inhomogeneous Media
Author(s): V. L. Brekhovskikh; V. I. Tatarskii
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On The Connection Between The Extended Huygens-Fresnel Principle And The Path-Integral Approximate Computation Based On Orthogonal Expansions
Author(s): V. I. Tatarskii; V. V. Zavorotnyi
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The Statistical Properties Of Laser-Light Scattered By Two Phase Screens
Author(s): R. L. Phillips; L. C. Andrews; E. Jakeman; J. G. Walker
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