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Fibre Optics '86
Editor(s): Lionel R. Baker

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Volume Number: 0630
Date Published: 6 October 1986

Table of Contents
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The Optical Fibre Overlay Network Of The Deutsche Bundespost-An Approach Fram BIGFON Towards Broadband ISDN
Author(s): K.-E. Kneisel; W. Gerfen; K. Hofig
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Progress In Long-Span, High-Capacity Optical Transmission System Research
Author(s): S. D. Walker; L. C. Blank
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Optical Communications : Long Distance High Bit Rate Applications In France
Author(s): Alcibiade Zaganiaris; Marc Le Gall
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Coherent Transmission Experiments Using A Wideband Homodyne Phase Diversity Receiver
Author(s): M. J. Pettitt; A. W. Davis; S. Wright; J. P. King
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High Performance Single-Mode Systems
Author(s): M. J. Gibson; J. Webster; D. S. Larner
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Cable Television - The Case For Fibre Optics
Author(s): R. Stevens
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Fibre Optic Local Area Networks - Technical And Commercial Developments With Case Studies
Author(s): P. D. W. Baker
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An Esprit Project: A Local Integrated Optical Network
Author(s): J.-C . Rey; A. Luvison; J. Maaloe; Fl. Toft
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Macrolan - The Design Philosophy And Trade-Offs
Author(s): Richard D. Cooke
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Experimental Studies Into The Non-Invasive Collection And Distribution Of Data On A Fibre-Optic Monomode Bus
Author(s): J. P. Dakin; M. G. Holliday; G. M. Parker; D. J. Pratt
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FDDI Standards For High Speed LANs
Author(s): Alan V. Flatman; Keith Caves
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The Star Shaped Fibre Optic Ring LAN
Author(s): Paul A. Blott
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Isolan - A Fibre Optic Network Conforming To IEEE 802.3 Standards
Author(s): D. A. A. Roworth; N. Howe
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Passive Components For Multimode Fibre-Optic Networks
Author(s): P. J. Severin
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The Design Of Optical Components Using Beam Propagation Techniques
Author(s): J. V. Wright
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Fibre Optic Inserts For DIN 41612 PCB Connectors
Author(s): J. C. Challans
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Bandwidth Enhancement By Correcting Chromatic Dispersion Of 1.55µm Single-Mode Fibre Links
Author(s): J. J. Bernard; J. Guillon
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Single-Mode Fibre Components For Advanced Optical Systems
Author(s): T. Bricheno; J. S. Leach; A. J. Robertson; K. J. Warbrick
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Wavelength Dependence Of Devices Fabricated In Single Mode Fiber
Author(s): Kevin L. Sweeney; Michael Corke; B. Michael Kale; Paul M. Kopera
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Endless Polarisation Control For Heterodyne/Homodyne Receivers
Author(s): Reinhold Noe
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Rugged 5-Channel Multiplexer-Demultiplexer For Multimode Wavelength Divison Multiplexing (WDM) Systems
Author(s): N. R. Weston
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A Novel Optical Receiver Configuration Optimized For Future High Speed Systems
Author(s): D. P. M. Chown; M. Spencer; Y. Kanabar; T. E. J. Hext; I. Smith
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The Use Of Lithium Niobate Devices In Optical Networks
Author(s): D. M. Russ
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High Performance GaAlAs LED Structures By Vapour Phase (MOCVD) Epitaxy
Author(s): R. M. Ash; R. R. Bradley; N. W. Forbes
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Modulation-Induced Wavelength Shifts In The Output Of Distributed Feedback Lasers
Author(s): W. R. Throssell; R. G. Plumb
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A Vibration-Insensitive Optical-Fibre Current Sensor
Author(s): A . J. Rogers
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Optical Fibre Polarimetry
Author(s): J. D. C. Jones; R. P. Tatam; P. Akhavan Leilabady; C. N. Pannell; D. A. Jackson
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Coherent Backscatter In The Phase-Modulated Fibre Optic Gyroscope
Author(s): J. M. Mackintosh; J. L. McMillan; B. Culshaw
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Achievements And Perspectives Of Fiber Gyros
Author(s): Manfred Bohm
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Progress Towards A Low Phase Noise Source For Fibre Optic Sensors
Author(s): J. P. Dakin; P. B. Withers
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Fibre Optic Two Polarization Interferometer With Unambiguous Digital Readout And Its Application As Remote Strain Sensor
Author(s): Norbert Furstenau
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A Non-Invasive Fibre Optic Pick-Up For A Turbine Flowmeter
Author(s): J . D. Place; R. Maurer
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An Autoreferenced Two-State Optical Fibre Reflective Sensor
Author(s): M. R. Oliver; R. C. Spooncer; M. H. Ghezelayagh
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Optical Fibre Systems For Offshore Monitoring And Control
Author(s): P. G. Hale; R. E. Jones
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Fabrication And Simulation Of Optical Fibre Gratings
Author(s): R. J. Potton; A. D. Boardman; G. S. Cooper; P. Papadopoulos
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An Optical Fibre Displacement Sensor Based On Electrical Subcarrier Interferometry
Author(s): C. A. Wade; J. P. Dakin; J. Croft
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Fluorescence Monitoring For Optical Temperature Sensing
Author(s): K. T. V. Grattan; A. W. Palmer
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High-Sensitivity DC Measurand Sensing Using Single-Mode Optical Fiber Interferometry
Author(s): A. Kersey; F. Bucholtz; A. Dandridge
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