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Advanced Processing and Characterization of Semiconductors III
Editor(s): Devindra K. Sadana; Michael I. Current

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Volume Number: 0623
Date Published: 26 June 1986

Table of Contents
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Order-Disorder Transitions In Strained Semiconductor Systems
Author(s): A. Ourmazd; J. C. Bean
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New Optical Characterization Methods Of Molecular Beam Epitaxy-Grown Multi-Quantum-Well Structures Using Tunable Light Sources
Author(s): J. J. Song; Y. S. Yoon; A. Fedotowsky; M. Naganuma; Y. B. Kim; W. T. Masselink; H. Morkoo; T. Vreeland
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Structural Characterization Of Defects In Gaas With Ultrasonic Measurements
Author(s): M. J. Brophy; A. V. Granato
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High Resolution Microstructural Studies Of Semiconductor Materials
Author(s): John C. Bravman
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A Raman Study Of The Dopant Distribution In Submicron Pn Junctions In 11+ Or Bf2+ Ion Implanted Silicon
Author(s): A. C. de Wilton; M. Simard-Normandin; P. T. T. Wong
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Spatially Resolved Photoluminescence Of GaAs
Author(s): A. T. Hunter
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Study Of The Effects Of Strain In Indium-Doped Gallium Arsenide By Electroreflectance And Photocapacitance
Author(s): Paul M. Raccah; J. W. Garland; Z. Zhang; S. Mioc; Yang De; Amy H. M. Chu; S, McGuigan; R. N. Thomas
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Electrical Characterization Of MIS Interfaces
Author(s): J. F. Wager
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Sheet Resistance Low Dose Monitoring Using The Double Implant Technique
Author(s): A. K. Smith; W. H. Johnson; W. A. Keenan
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Scanning Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy (DLTS) Of GaAs
Author(s): Frederik Sporon-Fiedler; Eicke R. Weber
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An FTIR And RGA Study Of The Outgassing Of Photoresist During Ion Implant
Author(s): Bhola N. Mehrotra; Lawrence A. Larson
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Characterization Of Electron Traps Resulting From Oxygen Precipitation In Cz Silicon
Author(s): J. Whitfield; C. J. Varker; S. S. Chan; S. R. Wilson; R. W. Carpenter; S. J. Krause; E. R. Weber
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Rapid Thermal Growth Of Thin Insulators On Si (Invited)
Author(s): Mehrdad M. Moslehi; Krishna C. Saraswat; Steven C. Shatas
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Characteristics Of Rapidly Grown Thin Oxides
Author(s): S. Mehta; C. J. Russo; D. Hodul
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Increasing The Conductivity Of Polycrystalline Silicon By Rapid Thermal Processing Before And After Ion Implantation
Author(s): R. B. Gregory; S. R. Wilson; W. M. Paulson; S. J. Krause; J. A. Leavitt; L. C. McIntyre; J. L. Seerveld; P. Stoss
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Pulsed Laser Processing Of Silicon Via Absorption By Free Carriers
Author(s): R. B. James
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Temperature Uniformity Measurement Techniques For Rapid Thermal Processing
Author(s): Carl Russo
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Proton Bombarded Gallium Arsenide: Opto-Electronic Effects
Author(s): J. M. Zavada; H. A. Jenkinson; D. C. Larson
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Rapid Thermal Annealing And Solid Phase Epitaxy Of Ion Implanted InP
Author(s): G. Bahir; J. L. Merz; J. R. Abelson; T. W. Sigmon
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Heating Of Gaas And Inp By Incoherent Radiation
Author(s): Thomas R. Block; Craig W. Farley; Tae S. Kim; Steve D. Lester; Ben G. Streetman
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The Effects Of Rapid Thermal Annealing On Si-Implanted GaAs
Author(s): R. N. Legge; W. M. Paulson
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Epitaxial Growth On SIMOX Wafers
Author(s): Hon Wai Lam
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Silicon-On-Insulator Technology By Heteroepitaxial Growth Of Fluorides
Author(s): Robin F. C. Farrow
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Recent Progress In Epitaxial Growth Of Semiconducting Materials On Stabilized Zirconia Single Crystals.
Author(s): L. M. Mercandalli; D. Dieumegard; M. Croset; J. Siejka
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Silicon-On-Insulator Technology By Crystallization On Quartz Substrates
Author(s): H. Baumgart
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Epitaxial Overgrowth Of Si On SiO2 Surface
Author(s): A. S. Yue; S. W. Oh; S. S. Rhee
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Properties And Applications Of Molecular Beam Epitaxial Silicides
Author(s): K. L. Wang
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Structure And Electrical Properties Of Metal-GaAs Interfaces
Author(s): Z. Liliental-Weber
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Rapid Thermal Annealing Of Sputtered Niobium Silicide Thin Films
Author(s): T. P. Chow; D. Hodul; R. A. Powell
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Tantalum And Niobium Silicides Formed By Scanning Electron Beam
Author(s): Zhan Guobing; Wang yangyuan; Lin shi-Chang; Zhang yan sheng; Fan bing lin
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Influence Of Interfacial Oxide On Ion Mixing Of Al Bilayers: Measurement Of Interfacial Oxide
Author(s): X.-A . Zhao; T. C. Banwell; M-A . Nicolet
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Effect Of Added Si On The Resistivity Of Co And Ni Films
Author(s): S.-J. Kim; Y.-T. Cheng; M-A. Nicolet
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