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High Power and Solid State Lasers
Editor(s): William W. Simmons
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Volume Number: 0622
Date Published: 23 June 1986
Softcover: 27 papers (198) pages
ISBN: 9780892526574

Table of Contents
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High Average Power Solid State Laser Developments At Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Author(s): M. A. Summers; J. B. Trenholme; W. L. Gagnon; R. J. Gelinas; S. E. Stokowski; J. E. Marion; H. L. Julien; J. A. Blink; D. A. Bender; M. O. Riley
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Nova Performance At Ultra High Fluence Levels'
Author(s): John T. Hunt
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Progress On Slab Lasers
Author(s): G . F. Albrecht; J. M. Eggleston; R. A. Petr
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Methods For Scaling High Average Power Laser Performance
Author(s): David C. Brown; Kotik K. Lee
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Conduction Cooling Of Nd:Glass Slab Lasers
Author(s): M. K. Reed; T. Yamada; R. L. Byer
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Alexandrite Laser Amplifiers
Author(s): J. A. Pete; J. Krasinski; R. Bromiley; D. F . Heller
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Athermal Nd:Bel Lasers
Author(s): T. Chin; R. C. Morrris; O. Kafri; M. Long; D. F . Heller
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Review Of Heavy Metal Fluoride Glass Materials For Laser Applications
Author(s): W. A. Sibley; Y. Suzuki
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High Power KRF Lasers For Fusion
Author(s): R. J. Jensen; L. A. Rosocha; J. A. Sullivan
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Evolution Of Free-Electron Laser Development
Author(s): Brian E. Newnam
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Status Of High Energy Chemical Lasers
Author(s): Joseph Miller
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High Power Subpicosecond KRF Laser
Author(s): T. S. Luk; A. P. Schwarzenbach; I. A. Mclnytre; U. Johann; A. McPherson; K. Boyer; C. K. Rhodes
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Tunable Alexandrite Laser Pumped Intracavity Raman Laser
Author(s): J . Krasinski; P. Papanestor; D. F. Heller
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High Power Repetitive Excimer Lasers Pumped By An All Solid State Magnetic Exciter
Author(s): Osamu Kobayashi; Koji Noda; Tsutomu Shimada; Minoru Obara
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Survey Of Tunable Solid State Lasers
Author(s): Peter F. Moulton
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Single Pass Gain In No:Nabeta"Alumina
Author(s): A. J. Alfrey; C. M. Stafsudd; B. Dunn; D. L. Yang; L. Salmon; E. Y. Wong
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Tunable Titanium Sapphire Lasers
Author(s): L. G. DeShazer; G. F. Albrecht; J. F. Seamans
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High Gain Nd:YLF Amplifier
Author(s): M. D. Thomas; M. G. Knights; E. P. Chicklis
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Review Of Spectroscopic And Laser Properties Of Emerald
Author(s): S. T. Lai
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Laser Oscillation Near 5 μm, Based On Vibrational Emission From Fh(CN) Defects In Alkali Halide Crystals
Author(s): W. Gellermann; Y. Yang; F . Luty
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A Terawatt Nd:Glass Active Mirror System
Author(s): T. Kessler; W. Seka; J. Kelly; D. Smith; R. Bahr; W. Lockman; N. Wong; J. Soures
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Harmonic Generation At High Peak Power
Author(s): M. A. Summers; J. D. Williams; B. C. Johnson; D. Eimerl
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Nonlinear Phase Conjugation For Wavefront Control
Author(s): Marcy M. Valley
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New Frequency Conversion Materials For High Power Lasers
Author(s): Stephan Velsko; David Eimerl
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Single Crystal Growth Of β"-Alumina
Author(s): Roger F. Belt; Joseph A. Catalano
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Cesium Filter Resonant Operation Of Nd:Ylf
Author(s): M. G. Knights; H. Zenzie; G. Rines; M. Thomas
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Optical Coating Absorption Measurement For High Power Laser Systems
Author(s): Vaughn G. Draggoo; Richard G. Morton; Richard H. Sawicki; Horst D. Bissinger
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