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Manufacturing Applications of Lasers
Editor(s): Peter K. Cheo
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Volume Number: 0621
Date Published: 5 August 1986
: 21 papers (149) pages
ISBN: 9780892526567

Table of Contents
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Laser Welding Of Cylinders
Author(s): Rob Kraencke; Victor Gregson
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Drilling With Nd:Yag Laser To Achieve Resultant Flow Characteristics
Author(s): Mark D. Mello
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Applying Lasers For Productivity And Quality
Author(s): David W. Porter
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Advanced Concepts In Laser Material Processing In Europe
Author(s): D. Schuocker; W. Steen
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"Dynamic Model Of Laser Cutting Including; Pulsed Operation"
Author(s): Dieter Schuocker
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Production Laser Hardfacing Of Jet Engine Turbine Blades
Author(s): R. F. Duhamel; C. M. Banas; R. L. Kosenski
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Production Laser Welding Of Gears
Author(s): David Guastaferri
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Electric Arc Augmentation Of The Laser Cutting Of Mild Steel
Author(s): John N. Kamalu
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Laser Processing Research For IC Manufacture
Author(s): William C. Holton
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Laser Fabrication Of Interconnect Structures On CMOS Gate Arrays
Author(s): John C. Whitehead; Fred Mitlitsky; David J. Ashkenas; Anthony F. Bernhardt; Steven E. Farmwald; James L. Kaschmitter; Bruce M. McWilliams
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Laser Repair Of Transparent Microfaults In IC Photomasks
Author(s): Hp. Preiswerk; C. C. Sheu; S. D. Allen
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Applications Of Laser Microsurgery In Wafer Scale Integrated Circuit Manufacturing
Author(s): Douglas N. Modlin; Gil Ravich
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Laser Assisted Etching For Microelectronic Applications
Author(s): Carol I.H. Ashby
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Submicrometer Linewidth Production On Integrated Circuit Materials By Uv Laser Radical Etching
Author(s): Gary L. Loper; Martin D. Tabat
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Void Detection In Semiconductor Shielded Power Cable Insulation By Measurements Of Submillimeter Radiation Scattering
Author(s): P. R. Cunningham; P. K. Cheo; J. D. Farina
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Angle-Scanning Laser Interferometer For Film Thickness Measurement
Author(s): Piotr W. Kiedron
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Cars Applications To Combustion Diagnostics
Author(s): Alan C. Eckbreth
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Simultaneous Laser Diagnostics Probing To Flame Propagation Studies
Author(s): In-Seuck Jeung; Kyung-Kook Cho
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Applications Of Heterodyne Interferometry To Disc Drive Technology
Author(s): Robert Davidson
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Thickness Measurement Using Scanned Attenuated Total Reflection Technique
Author(s): Jin-Chyuan Chen; Ding-Liang Chiao; Chien Chou
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Diffraction Measurement Of The Core Diameter Of Graded-Index Fibers For Optical Communication
Author(s): C.H. F. Velzel
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