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Optical and Laser Technology in Medicine
Editor(s): Robert J. Landry; David H. Sliney; Robert Scott

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Volume Number: 0605
Date Published: 5 August 1986

Table of Contents
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An Overview Optics And Lasers In Medicine
Author(s): Fritz A. Brauer
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Advanced Applications for Hand-Held Surgical CO[sub]2[/sub] Lasers
Author(s): L . V. Sutter
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A Comparative Study Of Corneal Incisions, Induced By Pulsed Lasers At Infrared And Ultraviolet Wavelengths
Author(s): S K Davi; D H Sliney; B Norris.; W Nip; P K Carpenter; R D McAlpine; G Thomas; K Evans
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Fiber Optic Laser Delivery For Endarterectomy Of Experimental Atheromas
Author(s): John Eugene; Marc E. Pollock; Stephen J. McColgan; Marie Hammer-Wilson; Michael W. Berns
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Angioplasty with a Laser and Fiber Optics at 2.94 µm
Author(s): L. Esterowitz; C. A. Hoffman; D. C. Tran; K. Levin; M. Storm; R. F. Bonner; P. Smith; M. Leon
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Wound Repair By Laser Welding
Author(s): R.Patrick Abergel; Richard F. Lyons; Edward Glassberg; David Saperia; Rodney A. White; Gary Lask; Richard M. Dwyer; Jouni Uitto
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Applications Of Lasers In Dermatology
Author(s): Gary Lask; R.Patrick Abergel; Richard M. Dwyer; Jouni Uitto
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Stimulation Of Wound Healing By Lasers
Author(s): Richard F. Lyons; R.Patrick Abergel; Thomas s. Lam; Rodney A. White; Richard M. Dwyer; Jouni Uitto
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CO[sub]2[/sub], Neodymium:Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet (Nd:YAG), And Argon Laser Welding Of Vascular Tissue
Author(s): Rodney A. White; R.Patrick Abergel; Richard Lyons; Stanley R. Klein; George Kopchok; Richard M. Dwyer; Jouni Uitto
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Flexible Waveguide for CO[sub]2[/sub] Laser Surgery
Author(s): Michael B. Levy; Katherine D. Laakmann
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A Novel Fiberoptic Laserprobe For Treatment Of Occlusive Vessel Disease
Author(s): Hany Hussein
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Surgical Applications of the Sapphire Contact Probe and the Nd:YAG Laser
Author(s): Robert S. Scott
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Model System Studies On Diffuse Absorption
Author(s): Leonard I. Grossweiner; James W. Messina
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Picosecond Relaxation of Iron Porphyrins and Selected Hemoproteins
Author(s): J. DiBenedetto; J. A. Hutchinson; K. D. Straub; P. M. Rentzepis
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Image Analysis of Macular Laser Lesions
Author(s): Harry Zwick; Larry Sherman; David J. Lund
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Diagnostic Evaluation of Human Lenses
Author(s): S E. Bursell; M. S. Craig; D. P. Karalekas
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In Vivo Measurements On Human Lens Using Quasielastic Light Scattering
Author(s): Peter C. Magnante; Leo T. Chvlack; George B. Benedek
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