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Computer Vision for Robots
Editor(s): Olivier D. Faugeras; Robert B. Kelley
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Volume Number: 0595
Date Published: 9 June 1986
Softcover: 44 papers (354) pages
ISBN: 9780892526307

Table of Contents
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Real Time 3-D Object Recognition From A Range Or Visible Light Image
Author(s): Fernand S. Cohen; Raymond D. Rimey; Jean-Francois Cayula
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FOVEA - A System for Invariant Visual Form Recognition
Author(s): L. D. Jacobson; H. Wechsler
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Combination Of Different Space Frequency Filters For Modeling Edges And Surfaces In Gray-Value Pictures
Author(s): Axel Korn
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Evaluation of the Triad Method for Dynamic Edge Detection
Author(s): Jacques J. Vidal; Philip Kahn
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Using Neighborhood Operators To Detect Graspable Inside And Outside Edges
Author(s): Robert B. Kelley; Philip R. Gouin
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A 1-D Model For Color Textures
Author(s): Andre Gagalowicz; Sond De Ma; Catherine Tournier-Lasserve
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Applications of Fuzzy Logic to Artificial Colour Vision
Author(s): A. E. Pienkowski; T. J. Dennis
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A Hierarchical Segmentation Algorithm
Author(s): Andre Gagalowicz; Olivier Monga
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Determining the Pose of an Object
Author(s): R. M. Dolezal; T. N. Mudge; J. L. Turney; R. A. Volz
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Adaptive Least Squares Correlation With Geometrical Constraints
Author(s): Armin W. Gruen; Emmanuel P. Baltsavias
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A Strategy for Recognizing Complex Objects
Author(s): Aravinda S. Athukorala
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On Parallel Bayesian Estimation And Recognition For Large Data Sets, With Application To Estimating 3-D Complex-Object Position From Range Data
Author(s): Ruud M. Bolle; David B. Cooper
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Adaptative Polyhedral Approximation Of Digitized Surfaces
Author(s): Schmitt Francis; Gholizadeh Behrouz
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Reliable Formation Of Feature Vectors For 2-D Shape Representation
Author(s): Billy Keith Miller; Richard A. Jones
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Segmented-Region Based Stereo Reconstruction
Author(s): Shigeru Kuroe; Kengo Nakajima; Isamu Nose; Kenzo Tsuji
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The Construction and Maintenance of a Composite Surface Model
Author(s): James L. Crowley
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A Robot Working Space Protection System Using Visual Perception
Author(s): J. Amat; A. Casals
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Real-Time Tracking of Target Moving on Natural Textured Background
Author(s): Roger Samy
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A Holarchical Approach to Robot Vision
Author(s): David Vernon
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Estimation Of Edge Motion Based On Local Modeling
Author(s): Patrick Bouthemy
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A New Fast Algorithm of Stereo Vision
Author(s): Jun Shen; Serge Castan
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3-D Images By A Combined Multiple View Technique
Author(s): Jaap F. van der Meulen; Frans C. A. Groen
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Generation And Evaluation Of Artificial Test Sequences With Arbitrary 3-D Objects
Author(s): Wilfried Geuen; Frank Kappei
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Computer Vision For The Guidance Of Roving Robots
Author(s): Julius T. Tou
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Mobile Robot Guidance By Visual Perception
Author(s): V. Llario; A. Martinez; E. Montseny
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Navigation Among Three-Dimensional Shapes
Author(s): Lina Massone; Pietro Morasso
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Calibration And Segmentation Algorithms For An Accurate And Fast Range-Finder
Author(s): M. Bogaert; P. Cornez
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Integrating Sensory Data for Object Recognition Tasks
Author(s): Peter K. Allen; Ruzena Bajcsy
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Speeding up 3-D Binary Image Processing for Robot Vision
Author(s): P. W. Verbeek; F. C. A. Groen; H. A. Vrooman; B. J. H. Verwer
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Design and Implementation of an Auto-Configuring Knowledge Based Vision System
Author(s): M. Ender
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Reasoning About Iconic Data In Artificial Vision
Author(s): Giovanni Adorni; Lina Massone; Giulio Sandini; Emanuele Trucco
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A Unified Computational Architecture for Preprocessing Visual Information in Space and Time.
Author(s): Josef Skrzypek
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The Use Of Systolic Arrays In Robot Vision
Author(s): Jens Damgaard Andersen
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A Machine Vision System As An Automatic Sorting And Decoding Tool
Author(s): Jen-Ya Chou; Robert Plice; Donald Mead
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Low Cost Smart Camera
Author(s): F. Buchli; E. Heeb; K. Knop
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Co-operation of a Structured Light Sensor with an Industrial Robot for Arc Welding of Thin Sheet
Author(s): R. Niepold; G. Struck
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Hybrid Optical Digital Implementation Of Laws "Texture Energy Measure"
Author(s): R. Mercier; P. Chavel; L. Dettwiller
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Prediction-Verification, Hypothesis Accumulation For Scene Analysis By Object Identification
Author(s): G. Rives; J.-T. Lapreste; M. Dhome; M. Richetin
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Vision Integration In Advanced Robotics
Author(s): A. Osorio; L. Henninger; A. Meller; L. Peralta
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Route Generation And Navigation In Robotic Vehicles
Author(s): John F. Gilmore; Antonio C. Semeco
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Edge Detection By Differences Of Gaussians
Author(s): Ph. Marthon; B. Thiesse; A. Bruel
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A Measurement Method For The Description Of 3-D Scenes
Author(s): K. Steenhaut; J. Cornelis; M. Van den Broeck; J. Janssens; E. Nyssen
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Spline Convolution for Digital Image Processing
Author(s): Sigmar Ries
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New Aspects of Image Processing Systems in Flexible Production
Author(s): R.-J. Ahlers; K. Melchior
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