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Applications of Digital Image Processing VIII
Editor(s): Andrew G. Tescher

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Volume Number: 0575
Date Published: 19 December 1985

Table of Contents
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A Comparative Analysis Of Digital Filters For Image Decimation And Interpolation
Author(s): Isaac Ajewole
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Evaluation Of Selected 3-D Imaging And 3-D Image Processing Techniques
Author(s): K. Balasubramanian
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Graphical Concepts In Image Processing - A Bridge Between Two Worlds
Author(s): Barbara L. Filkins
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The Fast Hartley Transform
Author(s): H. S. Hou
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Algorithms for Mathematical Morphological Operations with Flat Top Structuring Elements
Author(s): Yong H. Lee
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Progressive Transmission Of Digital Diagnostic Images
Author(s): S. E. Elnahas; R. G. Jost; J. R. Cox; R. L. Hill
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Deaf Phone: Sign Language Telephone
Author(s): R. Hsing; Thomas P. Sosnowski
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A 10MHz Data Compression System for Real-Time Image Storage and Transmission
Author(s): Anil K. Jain; Daniel G. Harrington
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New Solution for Frequency and Pixel Domain Coding Using Convex Sets
Author(s): Pete Santago; Sarah A. Rajala
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Motion Compensated Coder For Videoconferencing
Author(s): Ram Srinivasan; K. R. Rao
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Image Restoration Via The Shift-And-Add Algorithm
Author(s): William G. Bagnuolo Jr.
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Histogram Specification Techniques For Enhancement Of High Altitude Aerial Digital Images
Author(s): Joseph D. Biegel
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An Object-Pass Filter For Image Processing
Author(s): J. Steven Mott; James A. Roskind
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Entropy-Constant Image Enhancement by Histogram Transformation
Author(s): Lawrence O' Gorman; Lynne Shapiro Brotman
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Digital Image Processing For Instantaneous Frequency Mapping
Author(s): D. A. Seggie; Mark Doherty; S. Leeman; H. V. Deighton
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Architectures For Parallel Image Processing
Author(s): Robert Y. Wong
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Correlation Synthetic Discriminant Functions for Object Recognition and Classification in High Clutter
Author(s): David Casasent; William Rozzi; Donald Fetterly
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Model-Based Matching of Line Segments in Aerial Images
Author(s): Z Chen; K H. Tsai; K R Lu; Y. S. Ou
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Detection Of Maneuvering Target Tracks
Author(s): Mary L. Padgett; Sarah A. Ra j ala; Wesley E. Snyder; W.Howard Ruedger
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Adaptive Filtering Of Target Features In A Time-Sequence Of Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) Images
Author(s): R. N. Strickland; M. R. Gerber; D. W. Tipper
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Pattern Recognition Through Dynamic Programming
Author(s): B. Burg; Ph. Missakian; B. Zavidovique
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Merging Images Through Pattern Decomposition
Author(s): Peter J. Burt; Edward H. Adelson
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Knowledge-Based Tactical Terrain Analysis
Author(s): John Gilmore; David Ho; Steve Tynor; Antonio Semeco; Chi -Cheung Tsang; Tracy Bruce
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CCD For Two-Dimensional Transform
Author(s): A. M. Chiang; B. B. Kosicki; R. W. Mountain; G. A. Lincoln; B. J. Felton
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Practical Realisation Of Arithmetic Coding Unit For Document Treatment
Author(s): S. Desmet; D. Vandaele; A. Oosterlinck
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An Interactive Digital Image Processing Workstation For The Earth Sciences
Author(s): Michael Guberek; Stephen Borders
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PC-Based Image Processing With Half Toning
Author(s): John A. Saghri; Hsieh S. Hou; Andrew G. Tescher
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A Multiprocessor System For Image Processing
Author(s): L. Van Eycken; P. Wambacq; J. Romme laere; A. Oosterlinck
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Fast Adaptive Filtering With Special Hardware
Author(s): P. Wambacq; L. Van Eycken; J. Rommelaere; A. Oosterlinck
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Image Processing on Photon-counting Imaging
Author(s): T. Kurono; T. Kawashima; M. Katoh; E. Inuzuka; Y. Tsuchiya
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Material Stress Inspection By Digital Thermographic Image Processing
Author(s): R . A . Fiorini; P. Coppa; O. Salvatore
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Digital image processing with the Texas Instruments Professional Computer (TIPC) CCD camera system
Author(s): Robert John Cove
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Color Coding Medical Ultrasound Tissue Images With Frequency Information
Author(s): W. T. Mayo; P. V. Sankar; L.. A. Ferrari
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A Perimetric Sampling Technique Applied to Biological Images
Author(s): c. Katsinis; A. D. Poularikas; H. P. Jeffries
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Image Processing and Geographic Information
Author(s): Ronald G. McLeod; Julie Daily; Kenneth Kiss
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Eye Spacing Measurement for Facial Recognition
Author(s): Mark Nixon
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Preliminary Study Of Alternative Tomographic System For Radiotherapy Planning
Author(s): Tzouh-Liang Sun
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