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Fiber Optics: Short-Haul and Long-Haul Measurements and Applications III
Editor(s): Robert L. Galawa
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Volume Number: 0559
Date Published: 19 November 1985
Softcover: 31 papers (218) pages
ISBN: 9780892525942

Table of Contents
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Measurements And Characterization For Advanced Fiber Optic Systems
Author(s): D. J. Channin
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Single-Mode Optical Fiber Measurements And Standardization
Author(s): Joyce Kilmer
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Comparison Of Mode Field Diameter Definitions For Various Single-Mode Fiber Structures
Author(s): J. C. Auge; L. B. Jeunhomme
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Equivalent-Step Index Parameters For Predicting Single-Mode Fiber Dispersion
Author(s): J. C. Auge; P. Dupont; L. B. Jeunhomme
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Dispersion Measurements Of Single Mode And Multimode Optical Fibers
Author(s): William B. Gardner
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Interferometric Measurement Of Chromatic Dispersion In Single Mode Fibers
Author(s): J. J. Burke; N. Kosa
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Source Effects On Long-Haul, Singlemode Fiber Attenuation Measurements
Author(s): Timothy Reynolds; John Chipman
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Communications Via Undersea Cables: Present And Future
Author(s): D. K. Paul
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Fiber-Optic Distribution Networks In Large-Capacity Earth Stations
Author(s): R. G. Marshalek
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Chromatic Dispersion Measurements and Related System Power Penalties
Author(s): Sudhesh M. Mysore; Paul Pedersen; Joseph R. Cleveland
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Single Mode Fiber Optic Splicing Techniques And Statistical Analysis
Author(s): Eduardo Paz; Sudhesh Mysore; David Martin
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Interlaboratory Comparison Of Multimode Optical Fiber Attenuation Measurement
Author(s): Li Luo; Jiang Tongcun; Luo Ling; Yang Shao
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The Present and Future OTDR
Author(s): R. E. DuPuy
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Integrated OTDR/throughput Loss Measurement System For Environmental Testing Of Cabled Optical Fibers
Author(s): Michael R. Brininstool
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Techniques For Measuring Longitudinal Strain In Graded Index Optical Fibers
Author(s): Michael R. Brininstool
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Long-wavelength Components By Vapor Phase Epitaxy
Author(s): Gregory H. Olsen
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Some Applications of Coupled Mode Analysis to Active Guided Wave Devices
Author(s): James F. Lotspeich
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Domain Inversion Effects in Ti - LiNbO3 Integrated Optical Devices
Author(s): S. Thaniyavarn; T. Findakly; D. Booher; J. Moen
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Single-mode Waveguide Horn-Grating Demultiplexer Circuit
Author(s): M. E. Pedinoff; G. L. Tangonan; H. W. Yen; D. L. Persechini
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Miniaturized Fiber Optic Transmitters And Receivers For Data Communication
Author(s): B. U. Chen; T. V. Muoi; D. G . Jenkins; G. Sumerling; A C Carter
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Fiber Optic Transversal Filters for RF Direction Finding
Author(s): S. A. Pappert; C. T. Chang; M. N. McLandrich
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High Frequency Modulation Of Superluminescence Diodes (SLD)
Author(s): Kit Lai Yu; Shyh Chung Lin; Kenneth K. Li
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Practical Fiber Optic LAN System Design
Author(s): Ernest M. Kim
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A Comparison Of Loss Measurement Methods With Observed System Loss In Optical LAN Links
Author(s): P. R. Reitz; M. J. Hackert; J. E. Matthews; K. W. Murphy; D. Hanson; M. Hartmann; T. Huegerich; K. Kevern; T . Odderstol
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A Fiber Optic Ring Network
Author(s): Steven A. Gossage
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Mode Transition Matrices For DMA and DMD Characterisation Of Optical Fibers And Components
Author(s): Gert Evers; Frank Henze; Udo Unrau
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Use Of Mode Transfer Matrices In L.A.N. Loss Evaluation
Author(s): J. M. Maisonneuve; P. Churoux; R. L. Gallawa
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AstraNet: An Active, Heirarchical-Star, Fiber Optic Ethernet
Author(s): Eric G. Rawson; Ronald V. Schmidt; William F. Gunning; M. Douglas Bailey; Alan K. Truman; Gary K. Toyama
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Fault Tolerant Techniques Applicable To Fiber Optic LANs
Author(s): Harvey Ikeman; Steven Messenger
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Germanium Photodiodes - Temperature And Uniformity Effects
Author(s): Robert Rickenbach; Paul Wendland
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Pulse Spectrum Analysis Method Of Measuring Fiber Bandwidth
Author(s): Yang Shao; Raul Alvarez; Carl Weimer; R. L. Gallawa
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