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Millimeter Wave Technology III
Editor(s): James C. Wiltse

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Volume Number: 0544
Date Published: 24 October 1985

Table of Contents
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Advanced Applications And Solid-State Power Sources For Millimeter-Wave Systems
Author(s): Glenn R. Thoren
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High Power Millimeter And Submillimeter Wave Lasers And Gyrotrons
Author(s): R. J. Temkin; D. R. Cohn; B. G. Danly; K. E. Kreischer; P. Woskoboinikow
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GaAs IMPATT Sources
Author(s): D. Masse; M. G. Adlerstein; L. H. Holway Jr.
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InP Gunn Diode Sources
Author(s): Berin Fank; James Crowley; Connie Hang
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Phase And Frequency Control Of Millimeter Wave Sources
Author(s): R. W. McMillan; D. M. Guillory
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Survey Of Millimeter Wave Antennas
Author(s): F. Schwering
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The Fresnel Zone-Plate Lens
Author(s): James C. Wiltse
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Uniform Waveguide Leaky Wave Antennas
Author(s): Arthur A. Oliner
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Microstrip Dipole Antennas On Electrically Thick Substrates
Author(s): D. R. Jackson; N. G. Alexopoulos
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Measurement Of Antenna Patterns At 94 GHz Using Infrared Detection
Author(s): Ronald M. Sega; Cody A. Benkelman; John D. Nordgard
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Survey Of Millimeter-Wave Guiding Structures
Author(s): Tatsuo Itoh
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Transitions In Open Millimeter Waveguides
Author(s): S. T. Peng
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A Systematic Study Of The Effect Of Hooking Upon Contact On The Performance Of Electrolytically Etched Point Contact MOM Diodes
Author(s): C. Yu; M. A. Hemmatian; A. Niczad; Y. Taghipoor; A. Yekrangian
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Millimeter Wave Subassembly Packaging Techniques
Author(s): Harlan Howe Jr.
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Recent Advances In Millimeter-Wave Integrated Subsystems
Author(s): Don W. Ball; Long Q. Bui
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Millimeter-Wave Active Solid-State Devices
Author(s): Y. E. Ma
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Recent Advances In Millimeter-Wave Integrated Circuits
Author(s): Kai Chang; Cheng Sun
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An Upward Looking Airborne Millimeter Wave Radiometer For Atmospheric Water Vapor Sounding And Rain Detection
Author(s): J. A. Gagliano; R. H. Platt
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Applications Of Millimeter Wave Imaging
Author(s): James P. Hollinger
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Contrast-Reversal In MMW Radiometric Imaging
Author(s): K. Q. Lao
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Detection Of Stationary Ground Targets By Airborne MMW Radars
Author(s): S. A. Hovanessian
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Millimeter Wave Polarimetric Background Measurements
Author(s): H. B. Wallace; R. A. McGee
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Coherent 95 GHz High Power Radar
Author(s): T. L. Lane; J. C. Butterworth; T. A. Barley
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High Resolution 95 Ghz FM-CW Solid State Radar
Author(s): S. P. Brookshire; J. L. Eaves
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Integrated Circuit Radar And Radiometric Sensors
Author(s): C. R. Seashore
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Millimeter-Wave Six-Ports
Author(s): David H. Russell; Manly P. Weidman
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Atmospheric Turbulence Measurement System
Author(s): R. W. McMillan; R. A. Bohlander; R. H. Platt; D. M. Guillory; J. T. Priestley; R. J. Hill; S. F. Clifford; R. E. Cupp; J. Wilson
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Dielectric And Absorption Measurements Of Materials Using Digital Spectrometry At Millimeter Frequencies
Author(s): E. Collett; H. Hieslmair; L. Wandinger
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Near-Millimeter Wave Propagation Instrumentation
Author(s): J. J. Sitterle; R. M. Manning; P. C. Claspy; F. L. Merat
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Millimeter Wave Materials Measurement By Fabry-Perot
Author(s): T. B. Wells; R. L. Moore; D. C. Hicks
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