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Optical Microlithography IV
Editor(s): Harry L. Stover
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Volume Number: 0538
Date Published: 23 July 1985
Softcover: 33 papers (266) pages
ISBN: 9780892525737

Table of Contents
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Double Telecentric Wafer Stepper Using Laser Scanning Method
Author(s): Akiyoshi Suzuki
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Laser Step Alignment For A Wafer Stepper
Author(s): S. Murakami; T. Matsuura; M. Ogawa; M. Uehara
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Submicron Optical Lithography Using An I-Line Wafer Stepper
Author(s): S. Lee; S. Grillo; V. Miller
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Phase Gratings As Waferstepper Alignment Marks For All Process Layers
Author(s): S. Wittekoek; J. van der Werf; R. A. George
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One Micron 1X Stepper Photolithography: An Introductory View
Author(s): Mark S. Chang
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Mixing 1X Scanning And 5X Step-And-Repeat Exposure Systems In A Semiconductor Processing Line
Author(s): W. Carpenter; J. LaRue; R. Chappelow
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Lithography For A Submicron CMOS Process
Author(s): P. Poppert; S. Novak; P. Wright
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Reticle Sizing For Optimized CD Control
Author(s): Terry V. Nordstrom
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A Direct-Reticle-Referenced Alignment System
Author(s): J. M. Lavine; R. B. Fish; A. J. Weger; C. Simpson
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High Performance Retrofit Condenser For Perkin-Elmer Aligners
Author(s): Ray Winn; Ron Hershel
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Application Of A Contrast Enhancement Material To Broadband Projection Printing
Author(s): Edward K. Pavelchek; Vivian B. Valenty; Robert E. Williams,Jr.
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Atmospheric Pressure Induced Reduction Errors In Reduction Stepper Lenses
Author(s): Fred Sporon-Fiedler; John Williams
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Stepper Overlay Calibration Using Alignment To A Latent Image
Author(s): Karl W. Edmark; Christopher P. Ausschnitt
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Double Structured Alignment Mark For Enhanced Automatic Alignment
Author(s): Hiroshi Ohtsuka; Takashi Taguchi; Gohichi Kushibiki; Toshiaki Koikeda
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A Holographic Photomask Defect Inspection System
Author(s): L. H. Lin; D. L. Cavan; R. B. Howe; R. E. Graves
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Glass Wafer Processing And Inspection For Qualification Of Reticles In A Fineline Wafer Stepper Production Facility
Author(s): R. T. Hilton; T. E. Zavecz; J. A. Reynolds
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Database Inspection Of Wafer Resist Images
Author(s): Peter V. Fraser; Bernard A. Wallman
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Extending The Limits Of Pattern Inspection Using Machine Vision
Author(s): Michael L. Baird; Raul Brauner; H. K. Hu; Terry K. Herms
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Automated Wafer Inspector Characterization
Author(s): Karl L. Harris; Raleigh Estrada; Paul Sandland; Russ M. Singleton
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Lithography Limited Yield Analysis
Author(s): Clark Beck
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Multiple Flash Overlap Defect In Photomasks
Author(s): S. N. Gupta; A. K. Bagchi; N. N. Kundu
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Techniques For Optical Measurement Of Registration
Author(s): L. J. Zych; G. Spadini
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Practical Process Applications Of A Commercially Available Electrical Overlay And Linewidth Measuring System
Author(s): Gerald A. Keller
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A Practical Method For Edge Detection And Focusing For Linewidth Measurements On Wafers
Author(s): Diana Nyyssonen
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Modeling The Optical Microscope Images Of Thick Layers For The Purpose Of Linewidth Measurement
Author(s): Chris P. Kirk; Diana Nyyssonen
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Laser Based Critical Dimension Measurement System For Semiconductor Production
Author(s): William G. Divens; William Bates Cole
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Characterization Of Stepper - Lens Aberrations And Critical Dimension Control
Author(s): Paul Chien; Ling Liauw; Mung Chen
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PROLITH: A Comprehensive Optical Lithography Model
Author(s): Chris A. Mack
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Process Latitude Modeling For Submicron G- And I-Line Lithography
Author(s): K. M. Monahan; D. A. Bernard; M. Blanco
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Study Of Image Structure In The Focal Plane In Microphotolithography System.
Author(s): Xu Duanyi
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Polarized Laser Scan Technique For Patterned Wafer Surface Contaminants Inspection
Author(s): Mitsuyoshi Koizumi; Nobuyuki Akiyama
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A New Aluminosilicate Glass Substrate For Photomasks
Author(s): Y. Kokubu; N. Shinkai; T. Haranoh
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Automatic Intensity Mapping Of Stepper Illumination At The Wafer Plane
Author(s): Randy Kodama
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