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Advances in Display Technology V
Editor(s): Elliott Schlam
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Volume Number: 0526
Date Published: 13 May 1985
: 17 papers (124) pages
ISBN: 9780892525614

Table of Contents
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Selecting The ' Best ' Visual System: A Guide For Managers
Author(s): R. E. Clapp
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Effects Of Touch Key Size And Separation On Menu-Selection Accuracy
Author(s): Robert J. Beaton; Novia Welman
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Effects Of Adaptation And Display Luminance On CRT Symbol Recognition Time
Author(s): Alan Spiker; Steven P. Rogers; Joseph Cicinelli
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Minimum Colour Differences Required To Recognise Small Objects On A Colour CRT
Author(s): Peter L. Phillips
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The Rastered Eye; Vision In Television
Author(s): R. E. Clapp
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160 Megapixels Per Second 2000 Line Display
Author(s): Joe A. Mays
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Full Color Liquid Crystal Light Valve Projector
Author(s): Ronald S. Gold; Arno G. Ledebuhr
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Development Of A Raster/Stroke Full-Color Tv Projector For Simulation
Author(s): Ernest F. Genaw
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Evaluation Of EL Display Technology For Portable Computer Applications
Author(s): Marvin L. Higgins
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Thin Film Electroluminescent (TFEL) Display Optimized For Cockpit Applications
Author(s): G. L. Vick; W. G. Runyan; R. F. Colton; R. J. Thorkildson; J. S. Trcka
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Implementation Of Video On A 10" X 12" Thin-Film Electroluminescent Panel
Author(s): Christopher C. Jung
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Yield Analysis For Electroluminescent Panel Development
Author(s): M. I. Abdalla; E. A. Davey; T. FohI; J. L. Gibbons; L. L. Hope; K. A. Petersen; J. L. Plumb; M. P. Schrank
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A Highly Integrated Electroluminescent Display Monitor
Author(s): Brian Dolinar; Don Cramer; Tim Flegal; Larry Lewis
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Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Transistor (TFT) Driven Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD)
Author(s): Richard A. Flasck; Scott H. Holmberg
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Transmission Controllability And Contrast Ratio Of Pcgh-Liquid Crystal Cells
Author(s): Y. Anjaneyulu; D. W. Yoon
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A Display Based On Switchable Zero Order Diffraction Grating Light Valves
Author(s): Josephine Anne Steir; Jan A. Rajchman; John Melngailis; Deborah A. Summa
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Liquid Crystal Display System For Mass Audience Viewing
Author(s): Gordon Kramer; Chan Soo Oh; Ezekiel Joseph
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