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Optical Radiation Measurements
Editor(s): Aaron A. Sanders

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Volume Number: 0499
Date Published: 8 February 1985

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Design And Fabrication Of A Self-Calibrating Germanium Photodiode
Author(s): R. J. Schwartz; D. L. Huang
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Near-Infrared Limitations To Silicon Photodetector Self-Calibration
Author(s): James M. Palmer
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Intercomparison Between Independent Irradiance Scales Based On Silicon Photodiode Physics, Gold Point Blackbody Radiation, And Synchrotron Radiation
Author(s): A. R. Schaefer; R. D. Saunders; L. R. Hughey
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The Use Of Field Radiometers In Reflectance Factor And Atmospheric Measurements
Author(s): Che Nianzeng; R. D. Jackson; A. L. Phillips; P. N. Slater
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Detectors For Picosecond Optical Power Measurements
Author(s): R. J. Phelan Jr.; D. R. Larson; N. V. Frederick; D. L. Franzen
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Radiometric Characterization Methods For Infrared Countermeasures Systems
Author(s): John L. Grangaard; Charles Link; Gerald Spade; William Ramsey
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Beam Profiling In Gigawatt 1064-Nm Lasers Used In Research On Optical Materials At Livermore
Author(s): D. Milan; S. E. Peluso
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Beam Profile Measurements For Target Designators
Author(s): J. D. Frank
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Beam And Spot Profile Measurement Methods For Optical Storage Systems
Author(s): Scott D. Wilson; Timothy Reed
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Using Optical Processing To Find The Beam Profile Of A Laser Pulse (Theory)
Author(s): Eric G. Johnson Jr.
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Method For Monitoring The Change In Relative Transmittance Of Small-Spot Laser-Damaged Optics At 10.6 pm
Author(s): J. B. Franck; J. O. Porteus; S. C. Seitel; V. A. Hodgkin; W. N. Faith
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Pyroelectric Matrix Arrays For Laser Beam Imaging
Author(s): Carlos B. Roundy
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An Enclosed Laser Calibration Standard
Author(s): Thomas E. Adams; M. L. Fecteau
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Infrared Calibration: Very Low Signals May Have Very Large Errors
Author(s): Frederick O. Bartell
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Spectrophotometric Measurement Of Thin Film Thickness In The 90 To 10,000 Nanometer Region
Author(s): Fred Alan Wolf
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A Calorimeter For Measuring 1-15 KJ Laser Pulses
Author(s): P. A. Simpson; Eric G. Johnson Jr.
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Results Of Optical Radiation Measurements Requirements Session
Author(s): Richard G. Miller; Aaron A. Sanders; Robert L. Hinebaugh; Eric G. Johnson Jr.
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