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High Speed Photography, Videography, and Photonics II
Editor(s): Austin L. Vick

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Volume Number: 0497
Date Published: 2 November 1984

Table of Contents
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Keynote Address: Photography From Space
Author(s): Richard W. Underwood
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Response Determination Of Propeller To Bird Strike Using High Speed Photography
Author(s): R. S. Bertke; R. L. Edinger
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"New Improved Optical System For HYCAM Camera"
Author(s): Ken Farrow-Reid
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High Speed Photography And Momentum Transfer Of Low Strength Projectiles
Author(s): S. J. Hanchak; S. J. Bless; D. L. Paisley
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Studies Of Ignition And Combustion Wave Propagation In Exotnerinic Ceramic Systems Using High-Speed Photography
Author(s): George F. Melton; Robert G. Behrens
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A Means Of Extending Streak Camera Recording Into The Important 1300-1600 Nm Wavelength Regime: Parametric Frequency Upconversion
Author(s): Mark E. Lowry; Mark D. Rotter; Donald R. Jander
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Test The High Building Vibration And The Deformation During Earthquake by High Speed Camera With Moire Fringe Technique
Author(s): Rong-Seng Chang; Chin-Wu Lin
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Failure Mode Imaging With Laser Strobe And X-Ray Techniques
Author(s): C. W. Ottinger
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High Speed Photography On Zone Plate Masked Object
Author(s): Rong-Seng Chang; Tung Cheng
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Latest Techniques - Low Light Level Sensors
Author(s): Dennis E. Caudle
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The Inter-Relationship Of Film, Video And The Computer
Author(s): Robert H. Lawrence
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High Speed Gated Image Intensifier Tubes And Silicon Intensifier (SIT) Vidicons
Author(s): Benjamin H. Vine
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High Speed Video Insertion
Author(s): Don C. Janess
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The Application Of A Videometric Analysis System To Biomechanical Gait Measurement
Author(s): Paul A. Frost
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Real Time Measurement Of An Object's Small Displacement By High Speed Video Camera With Moire Pattern
Author(s): Rang Seng Chang
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Sub-Microsecond Electro-Optical Shutter
Author(s): Rex W. Goranson; Eugene W. Butler
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Time-Resolved Spectroscopy Of Evanescent-Wave Excited Fluorescence
Author(s): Brian W. Dodson
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A High Speed Electronic Imaging Application In Aeroballistic Research
Author(s): R. R. Brown; J. R. Parker
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Machine Vision Techniques For High Speed Videography
Author(s): David B. Hunter
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An LED Illuminator For High Strain Rate Materials Studies
Author(s): Lee A. Cross; Edward A. Strader
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