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Electro-Culture 1984
Editor(s): Jeff Bogumil
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Volume Number: 0474
Date Published: 28 August 1984
: 0 papers (0) pages
ISBN: 9780892525096

Table of Contents
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Technological Tyranny
Author(s): Dick Greenwood
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Programmable Automation And The Workplace
Author(s): Marjory S Blumenthal
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Robotics Technology In Japan And Its Impact On Workers
Author(s): Kazuhiko Kawamura
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The Paradoxical Linkage Of Social Alienation With Technological Advance
Author(s): Robert J. Whelchel
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Microelectronics Revolution And The Impact Of Automation In The New Industrialized Countries
Author(s): Vitor Baranauskas
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Computer Mediated Communication
Author(s): Robert M. Fano
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Telecommunication Deregulation And Information Flow
Author(s): Subrata K. Sarkar
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The Role Of Moral Awareness In Computer Security
Author(s): Arthur Stawinski
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Societal Vulnerability To Communications And Computer Failures
Author(s): Lance J. Hoffman
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The Need For Open And Interactive Inquiry
Author(s): Brian J. Thompson
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Scientific Communications And National Security
Author(s): Leo Young
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Restrictions On Scientific Freedom
Author(s): Robert L. Park
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Science And Technology As "Public Knowledge"
Author(s): F.Karl Willenbrock
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Testimony On Space Based And Space Directed Weapons
Author(s): Sidney D. Drell
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Directed Energy Beam Weapons
Author(s): Keith Boyer
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Antisatellite Weapons
Author(s): Richard L. Garwin; Andrew D. White
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The Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Weapon Problem And Congress
Author(s): James R. Treglio
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The Feasibility Of The X-Ray Laser Pumped With A Nuclear Explosion
Author(s): David W. Hafemeister
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Quality, Quantity, And Surprise! Trade-Offs In X-Raser ASAT Attrition
Author(s): Michael B. Callaham; Frank M. Scibilia
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