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Advances in Resist Technology I
Editor(s): C. Grant Willson

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Volume Number: 0469
Date Published: 21 May 1984

Table of Contents
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A High Sensitivity Two Layer Resist Process For Use In High Resolution Optical Lithography
Author(s): M. P.C. Watts
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Image Formation In The Sublayer Of A Multilayer Resist Structure
Author(s): D. Meyerhofer; L. K. White
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Polysilane Bilayer uv Lithography
Author(s): Donald C. Hofer; Robert D. Miller; C.Grant Willson
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An Improved Deep Ultra Violet (DUV) Multilayer Resist Process For High Resolution Lithography
Author(s): C. H. Ting; K. L. Liauw
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Some Aspects Of Anti-Reflective Coating For Optical Lithography
Author(s): Yi-Ching Lin; Vic Marriott; Kevin Orvek; Gene Fuller
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Deep UV Positive Resists For Two-Level Photoresist Processes
Author(s): E. Reichmanis; G. Smolinsky
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Optical Performance And Process Characterizations Of Several High Contrast Metal-Ion-Free Developer Processes
Author(s): John S. Petersen; Alan E. Kozlowski
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Effect of Developer Composition on Photoresist Performance
Author(s): William D. Hinsberg; Monica L. Gutierrez
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Resolution Enhancement Of Positive Photoresist Through Optimization Of Thermal Processing
Author(s): Vic Marriott; Yi -Ching Lin; Gene Fuller
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Thermolysis Of Positive Photoresists
Author(s): Donald W. Johnson
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Three Dimensional Microfabrication On Thick Film Photoresist Mandrels
Author(s): William Salmre
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A New Negative/High Resolution Photoresist WX-305
Author(s): Medhat A. Toukhy; Stephen F. Marcotte Jr.
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Application Of Contrast-Enhanced Lithography To 1:1 Projection Printing
Author(s): B. F. Griffing; P. R. West; E. W. Balch
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Two-Dimensional Modeling Of Contrast-Enhanced Lithography
Author(s): B. F. Griffing; W. E. Lorensen
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Contrast Enhanced UV Lithography With Polysilanes
Author(s): Donald C. Hofer; Robert D. Miller; C.Grant Willson; Andrew R. Neureuther
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Negative Photoresists For Deep-UV Lithography
Author(s): Jer-Ming Yang; Kaolin Chiong; Hoh-Jiear Yan; Ming-Fea Chow
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High Resolution Polymer Pattern Fabrications With Low Energy Proton Beams
Author(s): H. Hiraoka
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Novel, Negative-Working Electron-Beam Resist
Author(s): Z. C.H Tan; R. C. Daly; S. S. Georgia
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Electron Beam Lithographic Evaluation And Chain Scissioning Yields Of Itaconate Resists
Author(s): Y. M.N. Namaste; S. K. Obendorf; C. C. Anderson; F. Rodriguez
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The Use Of Photoresists As Negative Electron Resists
Author(s): T. D. Berker
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A New High Temperature Positive Photoresist HX-256
Author(s): Medhat A Toukhy; Joe Jech Jr.
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High Contrast Photoresist For Use With Wafer Steppers
Author(s): John J. Grunwald; Edwin J. Turner; David A. Sawoska; Eugene D. D'Ottavio; Allen C. Spencer
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Trilayer Resist Processing Using Spin-On Glass Intermediate Layers
Author(s): Satish K. Gupta; Carver G. Audain
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Image Reversal Techniques With Standard Positive Photoresist
Author(s): Mary L. Long; Jeff Newman
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