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Intelligent Robots: 3rd Intl Conf on Robot Vision and Sensory Controls
Editor(s): David P. Casasent; Ernest L. Hall
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Volume Number: 0449
Date Published: 6 February 1984
Softcover: 95 papers (743) pages
ISBN: 9780892524846

Table of Contents
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Fourier-Transform Feature-Space Studies
Author(s): David Casasent; Vinod Sharma
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Planar Ohlect Recognition By The Computer Vision Method
Author(s): H Cipovic; D Milivojevic; Z Kajmakovic
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Real Time Textured-Image Segmentation Based On Noncausal Markovian Random Field Models
Author(s): Fernand S Cohen; David B Cooper
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Model Driven Vision To Control A Surface Finishing Robot
Author(s): D Graham; S A Jenkins; J R Woodwark
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Robotic Acquisition Of Jumbled Parts From Bins By Visual And Tactile Guidance
Author(s): Rajarshi Ray; Joseph Wilder
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Robot Eye-In-Hand Using Fiber Optics
Author(s): Arun Agrawal; Max Epstein
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Imaging Using Eddy Current Sensors
Author(s): Henri Clergeot; Dominique Placko; Francois Monteil
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A Real-Time Optical Profile Sensor For Robot Arc Welding
Author(s): G L Oomen; W J.P.A Verbeek
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Robot Vision Using A Projection Method
Author(s): Min Ching Chiang; James B.K. Tio; Ernest L Hall
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Location Of A Vehicle With A Laser Range Finder
Author(s): C J Zhao; S Monchaud; L Marce; M Julliere
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Ocular Manipulator For Robotic Vision
Author(s): Jean Montagu; Kurt Pelsue
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Stereopsis For Robots By Iterative Stereo Image Matching
Author(s): Gilbert Hobrough; Theodore Hobrough
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Septree Representations Of Moving Objects Using Hexagonal Cylindrical Decomposition
Author(s): Homer H Chen; Narendra Ahuja; Thomas S Hung
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Hierarchical Contour Coding And Generalization Of Shape
Author(s): G Hartmann
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Three-Dimensional Robot Vision
Author(s): Charles A McPherson
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"Sensors And Flexible Production"
Author(s): K Melchior; U Ahrens; M Rueff
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PRISM: A Practical Mealtime Imaging Stereo Matcher
Author(s): H K. Nishihara
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Three Dimensional Measurements And Display Using A Robot Arm
Author(s): Thomas E Swift
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Problems In Three-Dimensional Imaging
Author(s): William D McFarland; Robert W McLaren
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Accuracy Analysis Of A Laser/Camera Based 3-D Measurement System
Author(s): James C. Lin; Zuo-Chen Chi
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3-D Recognition Of Randomly Oriented Parts
Author(s): I Walter; H Tropf
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Imaging Systems For Robotics Applications
Author(s): Lewis J Pinson
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Visual Monitoring Of Palletising And Packing
Author(s): S M Cotter; B G Batchelor
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Ternary Dynamic Images In Robotic Smooth Pursuit
Author(s): Pietro Morasso; Vincenzo Tagliasco
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Hierarchical Image Segmentation By An Extended Mode Method And Detection Of Ellipses Using A Recursive Least-Squares Estimator
Author(s): Tadashi Nagata; Kohich Ishibashi; Hirotoshi Tamura
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A Tactile Sensor With Electrooptical Transduction
Author(s): J. Rebman; K A Morris
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Sensors For Cleaning Castings With Robot And Plasma-Arc
Author(s): Ren-Chyuan Luo; Sivakolundu Suresh; David Grande
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Computer Color Vision
Author(s): H M Aus; H Harms; M Haucke; B Gerlach; A Kriete; S Thieme
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Omnidirectional Viewing For Robot Vision
Author(s): N. Alvertos; E L Hall; R. L Anderson
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Contour Processing Algorithm For Hexagonally Sampled Images
Author(s): Gerald J. Lemay
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"Electro-Optical In-Line Quality Control In Industrial Production".
Author(s): E Schmidberger; K Melchior; M Rueff
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The Outline Corner Filter
Author(s): C A Malcolm
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What an Engineer Working on Artificial Intelligence Visual Systems Engineering May Learn from Biology?
Author(s): Vukasin P Masnikosa; Djuro Koruga
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A Rapid Feature Extractor Based Upon Optically Gathered Projection Data
Author(s): Gene R Gindi; Arthur F Gmitro
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Some Applications Of On-Line Vision Sensing In Industry
Author(s): Brian M Atkinson
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Vision System To Identify Car Body Types For Spray Painting Robot
Author(s): Peter Uartlam; Geoff Neilson
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Adaptive Gas Metal Arc (GMA) Welder
Author(s): G Nachev; B Petkov; L. Blagoev; I Tsankarski
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Data Processing Problems For Gas Metal Arc (GMA) Welder
Author(s): G Nachev; B Petkov; L Blagoev
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A Control Law For The Insertion Of A Flexible, Cylindrical Peg Using A Robot
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Merlet
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An Integrated Robot Vision System For Industrial Use
Author(s): Christer U Petersson
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Performance Monitoring Of A Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Lathe Using Pattern Recognition Techniques
Author(s): L K Daneshmend; H A Pak
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Reentrant-Loop Magnetic-Effect Proximity Sensor For Robotics
Author(s): L. A Hornak; S Hackwood; G Beni
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Welding Adaptive Functions Performed Through Infrared (IR) Simplified Vision Schemes
Author(s): Ghlslain Begin; Jean-Paul Boillot
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Adaptive Robotic Welding Using A Rapid Image Pre-Processor
Author(s): M Dufour; G Begin
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A Comparative Study Of Motion Estimation Techniques For Application To Sub-Sea Robotics
Author(s): George T Russell; Stuart C Wells
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A High School Level Course On Robot Design And Construction
Author(s): Paul M Sadler; Jack L Crandall
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