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X-Ray Lithography and Applications of Soft X-Rays to Technology
Editor(s): Alan D. Wilson
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Volume Number: 0448
Date Published: 19 March 1984
: 16 papers (146) pages
ISBN: 9780892524839

Table of Contents
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Progress In High Peak And Average Power Lasers For Soft X-Ray Production
Author(s): R L Byer; K Kuhn; M Reed; J Trail
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Comparison Of Different X-Ray Sources: X-Ray Tubes, Laser Induced Plasma Sources, Compact And Conventional Storage Rings
Author(s): A Heuberger
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Characteristics And Uses Of X-Radiation From Laser-Heated Plasmas
Author(s): David J Nagel
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Fabrication Of Free-Standing X-Ray Transmission Gratings And Zone Plates
Author(s): Y Vladimirsky; E Kallne; Eberhard Spiller
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Zone Plate Designs For The Soft X-Ray Range
Author(s): Roman Tatchyn; Paul L Csonka; Ingolf Lindau
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Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Lithography: Recent Results
Author(s): Jerome P. Silverman; Rolf P Haelbich; John M Warlaumont
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X-Ray Lithography Station At The Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL)
Author(s): P Pianetta; R Tatchyn; R Jaeger; T W Barbee
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X-Ray Lithography Using Wiggler And Undulator Synchrotron Radiation Sources
Author(s): A R. Neureuther; K J Kim; A C Thompson; E Hoyer
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Storage Ring Design For X-Ray Lithography
Author(s): A van Steenbergen; W Grobman
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Possibility Of Enlarging X-Ray Exposure Area With X-Ray Mirror Or By Electron Beam Vertical Motion
Author(s): H Betz; G Mulhaupt
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Optimization Of The Optics Matching A Storage Ring To An X-Ray Lithography Camera
Author(s): Rolf P. Haelbich
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An X-Ray Stepper
Author(s): E Cullmann
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X-Ray Lithography Alignment System
Author(s): B Fay; W T Novak
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B-Si masks for storage ring X-ray lithography
Author(s): R. E. Acosta; J R Maldonado; L K. Towart; J M Warlaumont
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Resists For Storage Ring X-Ray Lithography
Author(s): J G. Lane
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Electron Beam Pattern Writer For X-Ray Masks
Author(s): R Viswanathan; A D. Wilson; J Lafuente; H Voelker; A Kern
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