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Architectures and Algorithms for Digital Image Processing
Editor(s): Per-Erik Danielsson; Andre J. Oosterlinck

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Volume Number: 0435
Date Published: 9 January 1984

Table of Contents
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Algorithms For Skeletonizing Three-Dimensional Digitized Binary Pictures
Author(s): Jun-ichiro Toriwaki; Shigeki Yokoi
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A New Family Of Nonlinear Edge Detectors For Noisy Images
Author(s): Nobuyuki Otsu; Tony Kasvand
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Evaluation Of Automatic Target Recognition Algorithms
Author(s): Bir Bhanu
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Multiprocessor System In Medical Imaging
Author(s): R. Maenner; B. Ueberreiter; J. Bille; P. H. Bartels; R. L. Shoemaker
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Pseudo-Hadamard Transform For Image Processing
Author(s): Makoto Sato; Taizo Iijima
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Regularization Of Digitized Plane Curves For Shape Analysis And Recognition
Author(s): T. Kasvand; N. Otsu
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Automatic Classification Of Neurons
Author(s): Kiyoko Yokoyama; N. Ishii; N. Suzumura; K. I. Naka
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Time Complexity For Serial And Parallel Propagation In Images.
Author(s): P. E. Danielsson; S. Tanimoto
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Multiple Regression Analysis Approach To The Automatic Design Of Adaptive Image Processing Systems
Author(s): N. Otsu
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Table-Driven Architectures For Real-Time Image Processing
Author(s): J. De Roo; A. Oosterlinck
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A Model For Parallel Image Processing
Author(s): S. Yalamanchili; J. K. Aggarawal
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Intelligent Autocueing Of Tactical Targets
Author(s): B. Bhanu; A. S. Politopoulos; B. A. Parvin
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Cellular Logic Architectures
Author(s): Kendall Preston
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Cellular Logic With Hierarchical Extensions
Author(s): Steven L. Tanimoto
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Morphological Cellular Logic Image Processor Architectures
Author(s): Stanley R. Sternberg
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Incorporating Content Addressable Array Processors Into Computer Vision Systems
Author(s): Charles Weems; Daryl T. Lawton
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A Hardware And Software Optimized Program System For Interactive Image Processing
Author(s): Eliane Egeli; Guido Gerig; Fernand Klein; Olaf Kubler
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FAZYTAN - A System For Automated Image Evaluation.
Author(s): P. Schwarzmann; R. Erhardt; W. Kringler; W. Schlipf; E. Blanz; E. R. Reinhardt
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Improving The Execution Speed Of Various Image Processing Operations Through The Use Of A Digital Video Processor
Author(s): Fernand Klein
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System Architecture Of A Multitasking Digital Image Processor
Author(s): Richard A. Pendergrass
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VLSI Architectures For Syntactic Image Analysis
Author(s): Y. P. Chiang; K. S. Fu
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Design And Implementation Aspects Of A Bus-Oriented Parallel Image Processing System
Author(s): Greg C. Nicolae
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A Practical Architecture For A Real-Time Image Resampling Processor
Author(s): Neil H. Endsley; Allan J. Mord
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An Architecture for a Comprehensive Radiological Image Processing and Communication Facility
Author(s): Nicholas J. Mankovich; H. K . Huang
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Image Computer Architecture for region dependent and parallel algorithms
Author(s): I. Fehervari; A. Oosterlinck
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Image Processing System With Time Shared Multiframe Data Bus Architecture: MFIP
Author(s): S. Sugimoto; K. Matsuoka; Y. Ichioka
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High Speed Image Processing Applied to Microscopy, With Special Reference to Quality Assurance
Author(s): John W. Lockton
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Integrated Document Editing And Organizing System (IDEOS)
Author(s): M. Shuto; T. Morishita; H . Miyai; K. Onoda
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A Practical Solution Using A New Approach To Robot Vision
Author(s): David L. Hudson
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Industrial Image Computer Systems: A Comparative Study
Author(s): Geert Van Boven; Patrick Wambacq; Andre Oosterlinck.; H. Van den Berghe
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Computer Interfaced Image Tube Intensified Self-Scanned Array Cameras And Instruments
Author(s): C. B. Johnson; R. E. Blank
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The Fast Fourier Transform on a digital image processor --implementation and applications
Author(s): Eugene V. Price
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