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Optical Materials and Process Technology for Energy Efficiency and Solar Applications
Editor(s): Carl M. Lampert

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Volume Number: 0428
Date Published: 1 December 1983

Table of Contents
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Optical Properties Of Transparent And Heat-Reflecting Indium-Tin-Oxide Films: Experimental Data And Theoretical Analysis
Author(s): I. Hamberg; C. G . Granqvist
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Industrial Realization Of Low-Emittance Oxide/Metal/Oxide Films On Glass
Author(s): K. Hartig; W. D. Munz; M. Scherer; V. Wittwer; Stahl
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Optimized Transparent And Heat Reflecting Oxide And Nitride Films
Author(s): Ronald P. Howson; Martin I. Ridge; Koichi Suzuki
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Deposition Of Transparent Conducting Indium - Tin Oxide Films By Dc Sputtering
Author(s): S. S. Bawa; S. S. Sharma; S. A. Agnihotry; A. M. Biradar; Subhas Chandra
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Infrared Reflective Filter and Its Applications
Author(s): Kiyokazu Honda; Ariyoshi Ishizaki; Youji Yuge; Tokuyoshi Saitoh
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Spectral And Angular Selectivity Of Obliquely Deposited Films
Author(s): Rogath T. Kivaisi
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Electrochromic Materials For Controlled Radiant Energy Transfer In Buildings
Author(s): Ronald B. Goldner; R. David Rauh
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Effect Of Oblique Deposition On Electro-Optical Response Of Electrochromic Devices For Energy Efficient Windows
Author(s): S. A. Agnihotry; S. S. Bawa; A. M. Biradar; C. P. Sharma; Subhas Chandra
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Transport of Li+ Ions In Amorphous Tungsten Oxide Films
Author(s): Tadatoshi Kamimori; Junichi Nagai; Mamoru Mizuhashi
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Chemical Vapor Deposition Of Samarium Chalcogenides: Progress On Fabricating Thin Film Phase Transition Materials
Author(s): M. R. Jacobson; P. D. Hillman; A. L Phillips; U. J. Gibson
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Continuous Production Of Thin Film Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells
Author(s): H. Richard Blieden
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Structural And Electronic Properties Of Anodes In Photoelectrolytical Cells
Author(s): N. A. Mancini; A. Pennisi; F. Simone
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Fluorescent Planar Concentrator
Author(s): V. Wittwer; W. Stahl; A. Goetzberger
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Microcomputer Controlled Optical Scanner For Solar Cell Diagnostics
Author(s): V. Dutta; O. S . Sastry; K . L. Chopra
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The Use Of Leached Gradient Index Anti-Reflection Surfaces On Borosilicate Glass Solar Collector Cover Tubes
Author(s): Herbert A. Miska
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Heat Loss Mechanisms In Transparent Insulation With Honeycomb Structures
Author(s): V. Wittwer; W. Stahl; A. Pfluger; A. Goetzberger; J. Schmid
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Materials For Radiative Cooling To Low Temperatures
Author(s): T. S. Eriksson; E. M. Lushiku; C . G. Granqvist
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Polymer Degradation On Reflecting Metal Films: Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Reflection-Absorbance Studies
Author(s): J. D. Webb; P. Schissel; T. M. Thomas; J. R. Pitts; A. W. Czanderna
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Environmental Responses Of Solar Reflective Surfaces
Author(s): F. L. Bouquet
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The Development of a Portable Specular Reflectometer for Monitoring Solar Mirror Materials
Author(s): R. B. Pettit; J. M. Freese; A. R. Mahoney
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Determination Of Optical Constants From Photometric Measurements
Author(s): T. S. Eriksson; A. Hjortsberg
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Higher aH/cH Limits For High Temperature Selective Coatings
Author(s): D. R. Mills
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Graded Infinitesimal-Lamellae Model Compared To Data On Graded-Cermet Selective Absorbers
Author(s): Alan S. Penfold
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Metal Filled Coloured Stainless Steel as a High Temperature Selective Absorber
Author(s): J. J. Mason
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Low Emittance Coatings For High Temperature Solar Collectors
Author(s): D. R. McKenzie; N. Savvides; R. C. McPhedran; D. R. Mills
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Stability Problems With Oxidized Copper Solar Absorbers
Author(s): Arne Roos; Sven Erik Hornstrom
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Thermal Stability and Performance of Molybdenum Black Solar Selective Absorbers.
Author(s): B. K. Gupta; A. K. Agarwal; V. P. Bhatnagar
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Highly Selective Narrowband Absorbers in Combination with Fluorescent Concentrators
Author(s): W. Stahl; V. Wittwer
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