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Optical Disks Systems and Applications
Editor(s): Edward V. Labudde

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Volume Number: 0421
Date Published: 10 November 1983

Table of Contents
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An Optical Disk Jukebox Mass Memory System
Author(s): G. J. Ammon
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Intelligent Optical Disk Controller Architecture
Author(s): J. H. Hoover
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Data Base and File Management Approach for Large Optical Disk Systems
Author(s): Jeffrey B. Shaffer; Jean W. Schelin; Douglas T. Thomas
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The Nature Of Intrinsic Error Rates In High-Density Digital Optical Recording
Author(s): Dennis G. Howe
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Cover Sheet Aberrations In Optical Recording
Author(s): Alan B. Marchant
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A System Architect's View Of Optical Storage
Author(s): John W. McIntosh; Kent Harness; Frederick Parham
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A High Performance Optical Disc Drive Unit For Use In Non-Benevolent Environments
Author(s): A. M. Earman
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A Semiconductor Laser Optical Disk Storage and Retrieval System
Author(s): S. M. Ravner
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High Speed Interleaved Reed-Solomon Error Detection and Correction System
Author(s): Shirish Deodhar.; E. J. Weldon
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An Optical Digital Memory Using Tellurium Sub-Oxide Thin Film Disc
Author(s): Tomio Yoshida; Takec Ohta; Isao Sato; Shunji Ohara
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Optical Disc Memory System
Author(s): Ryoichi Imanaka; Tetsuo Saimi; Yukinori Okazaki; Yoshihiro Okino
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Image Processing Using Optical Disk Technology At The Library Of Congress
Author(s): Donald F. Willis
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CODAM: A Near Term Government Use of Optical Disk
Author(s): Joseph F. Ferrero; Mark Goldberg
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An Image Storage System For Insurance Applications
Author(s): Charles A. Plesums
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A Space Data Archival And Retrieval System Using Optical Storage Technology
Author(s): Kenneth R. Wallgren
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Optical Memory Subsystem For Computer Applications
Author(s): Dan Frishling
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Selection of 3o(1,7) code for improving packing density on optical disc recorders
Author(s): R. J . Tarzaiski
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Implementation Of The 3o (1,7) Code For Improved Packing Density On Optical Disk Recorders
Author(s): P. C. Hess; J. L . Waring
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Digital Disk Optics
Author(s): Gerald G. Foster
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Tracking Servo System With New Optical Head Locked Objective Lens
Author(s): H. Inada; T. Nomura; S. Shimonou; Y. Ichiyama
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A New Servo Method Which Increases Track Following Range Of A One-Beam Optical Head
Author(s): S. Arai; I. Shibata; K. Ogawa; S. Ogawa
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Optimizing Linear Acceleration For A High Performance Focus Motor
Author(s): Jeffrey Errol Niven
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Optical Disk Recording Techniques For Data Rates Beyond 100 Mbps
Author(s): C. W. Reno
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Developing An Error Budget For An Optical Read/Write System
Author(s): Robert L. Kay
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A Low Noise Wideband Preamplifier For Direct Read After Write (DRAW) Detection
Author(s): Michael P. Biggs; Edward V. LaBudde
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