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Optical Storage Media
Editor(s): Alan E. Bell; Albert A. Jamberdino
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Volume Number: 0420
Date Published: 10 November 1983
Softcover: 51 papers (357) pages
ISBN: 9780892524556

Table of Contents
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A User's View Of Optical Disc Applications
Author(s): Lee B. Holcomb
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Optical And Magnetic Storage Products - 1990
Author(s): Juan A. Rodriguez
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Characteristics of the Optical Media Laboratory Disk
Author(s): C J. M. Rooijmans; J. A. TH. Verhoeven
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The THOMSON-CSF Digital Optical Disk Format
Author(s): C. Bricot
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An Overview Of The Media/Cartridge Concept For A High-Performance Optical Storage Subsystem
Author(s): William C. Hall; Peter N. Haugen; K. John Stahl
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Template For An Optical Disk Specification
Author(s): Edward V. LaBudde
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Web-Based Optical Disk Assemblies
Author(s): James W. Wheeler; Mool C. Gupta; Clark N. Kurtz
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3M Optical Storage Media
Author(s): David H. Davies
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The Drexon® Product Family For Laser Recording And Digital-Data Storage --A Status Report--
Author(s): Jerome Drexler
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National Bureau of Standards/National Security Agency Workshop On Standardization Issues For Optical Digital Data Disk (0D 3) Technology
Author(s): Jean B. Freedman
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Optical Digital Data Interchange The Main Issues
Author(s): W. Mike Deese
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Design And Evaluation Of The Disk-Cartridge Concept For A High Performance Optical Storage Subsystem
Author(s): Gary W. Collins; Hal A. Lunka; Dave W. Rickert; John Woods
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Comprehensive Model For The Simulation Of The Recording Performance Of Optical Storage Media
Author(s): Robert E. Revay; Fred W. Spong; Scott L. DeVore
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Deformation Recording Process In Polymer-Metal Bilayers And Its Use For Optical Storage
Author(s): Jean A. Cornet
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Recording Properties Of Drexon® Optical Memory Disks
Author(s): T. L. Lichtenstein
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The Optical Model Of A Trilayer Incorporating An Island Metal Film Recording Layer
Author(s): Joseph H. Apfel
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An Overview Of Optical Disk Testers
Author(s): Robert Hazel
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Mechanical Performance Of Optical Disk Media Fabricated With Stretched Plastic Sheets
Author(s): J. Varner; R. Auble; J . Carroll; S Miller
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Bit Error Measurements In Solvent-Coated Optical Disk Media
Author(s): D B. Kay; J J. Wrobel; J. R. Horak
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Aging Properties of Optical Non-Erasable Disks.
Author(s): J. A. Markvoort; A. M. J. Spruijt; P. H. G. M . Vromans; A. Huijser; B. Jacobs; W. Rippens; L. Vriens
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Environmental Aspects Of Tellurium - Based Alloys In Optical Media
Author(s): J. van der Veen; C. Rooijmans
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Flatness Characteristics Of Media For Optical Recording
Author(s): L. P . J. Hoogeveen; A. M. J. Spruijt
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Improved Philips Air Sandwich Disk
Author(s): Arnold T. Eventoff
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High Performance Erasable Optical Disc
Author(s): Philip M. Heyman
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An Examination Of Vanadium Dioxide Thin Film As An Erasable/Reuseable Medium For Optical Recording
Author(s): W. E. Case; J. L. Smith; D. D. Eden
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New Optical Erasable Medium Using Tellurium Suboxide Thin Film
Author(s): Mutsuo Takenaga; Noboru Yamada; Shunji Ohara; Kenichi Nishiuchi; Michiyoshi Nagashima; Toshiaki Kashihara; Suguru Nakamura; Tadaoki Yamashita
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Evaluation Of Erasable Optical Recorder Materials
Author(s): A. A. Litwak; B. W. Siryj
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An Evaluation Of Photochromic And Photodichroic Materials For Write, Read, Erase Applications
Author(s): L. M. Ralston
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Erasable Optical Liquid Crystal Disc Memory
Author(s): H. Birecki; S. Naberhuis; F. J. Kahn
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Optimization Of Reversible Optical Data Storage Disks
Author(s): David Strand; David Adler
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High Density Magneto-Optical Recording
Author(s): Jozef Braat; Kees Schouhamer Immink; Marlies Urner-Wille
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Erasable Magneto-Optical Laser Mass Memory
Author(s): Carl H. Becker
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Magneto-Optical Recording
Author(s): M. Mansuripur; G. A. N. Connell
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Interference Enhanced Magneto Optic Kerr Rotation Of Thin Cobalt Ferrite Films
Author(s): J. W. D. Martens; W. L . Peeters
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Stability Of Perpendicular Domains In Thermomagnetic Recording Materials
Author(s): M, H. Kryder; W. H. Meiklejohn; R. E. Skoda
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Characteristics Of A New High c/n Magneto-Optic Media
Author(s): R. N. Gardner; T. A. Rinehart; L. H. Johnson; R. P. Freese; R. A. Lund
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Characteristics of 3M Write-Once Archival Optical Storage Media
Author(s): S. Lu; R. P. Freese; C. H. Chung; D. H. Davies; D. Evanicky; M. Alexander
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Pulse Width Transfer Function Of Tellurium-Alloy Disks
Author(s): M. Chen; V. Marrello
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Subbing Layer Surface Energy Effects On The Writing And Degradation Characteristics Of Te and Te-alloy Optical Recording Media
Author(s): C. R. Davis; W. Y. Lee; M. Chen; H. Ito
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Thin Te and Te Alloy Films for Optical Data Storage
Author(s): Wen-yaung Lee
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Optical Disk Media Parameters And Their Relationship To Equipment Design
Author(s): Martin L Levene
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Low Cost Media Having a Reverse Trilayer Structure
Author(s): Neville Lee; Shiuh Chao; Irving Bell; Wu -Jing Ho; Edward V. LaBudde
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The Physics Of Recording In Write-Once Optical Storage Materials
Author(s): Joseph J. Wrobel
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Theoretical Models For Optical Disk Media Error Rates
Author(s): Robert A, LaBudde; Edward V. LaBudde
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Characterization Of Optical Recording Disk Noise
Author(s): M. Chen; A. E. Bell; V. Marrello
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New Optical Recording Material for Data Storage
Author(s): Yoshio Aoki; Kenjirou Watanabe; Tomoya Oyama; Noboru Satou; Senri Miyaoka
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Dry Process Fabrication Of Pre-Groove On Optical Disc
Author(s): Nobuaki Yasuda; Masafumi Mori
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Single Wavelength Optical Recording In Pure, Solvent Coated Infrared Dye Layers
Author(s): D. J. Gravesteijn; C. Steenbergen; J. van der Veen
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New Organic Dye Medium For Ablative Optical Recording
Author(s): Masaki Itoh; Sotaro Esho; Katsuji Nakagawa; Masaru Matsuoka
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Laser Marking of Ablative Organic Dye-in-Polymer Films
Author(s): G. E. Johnson; K. Y. Law
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The Writing Mechanism For Discontinuous Metal Films
Author(s): Victor B. Jipson
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