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Applications of Mathematics in Modern Optics
Editor(s): William H. Carter

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Volume Number: 0358
Date Published: 7 December 1982

Table of Contents
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Introduction To The Theory And Application Of Wave Propagation And Scattering In Random Media
Author(s): Akira Ishimaru
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Inverse Scattering As A Form Of Computed Tomography
Author(s): A. J. Devaney
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Modern Methods Of Scattering Predictions
Author(s): J.Carl Leader
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Polar Sampling Theorems Of Use In Optics
Author(s): Henry Stark
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Introduction To The Angular-Spectrum Representation Of Optical Fields
Author(s): George C. Sherman
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Application Of Hamiltonian Methods To Analogous Problems In Optics: Optical Fibers
Author(s): Walter K. Kahn; Shuwen Yang
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Uniform Geometrical Theory Of Diffraction
Author(s): P. H. Pathak
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Method-Of-Moments Solutions For Resonant And Near-Resonant Scatterers
Author(s): L. N. Medgyesi-Mitschang
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Overview Of Hybrid Methods Which Combine The Moment Method And Asymptotic Techniques
Author(s): Gary A. Thiele
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Scattering Calculations Using The Extended Boundary Condition Method
Author(s): Dau-Sing Wang
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Review Of Random Surface Scatter Models
Author(s): A. K. Fung
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Modern Mathematical Models For Wave Propagation In Turbulent Media
Author(s): Ronald L. Fante; J.Carl Leader
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Propagation Of Partially Coherent Radiation Through Atmospheric Turbulence
Author(s): Y. Baykal; M. A. Plonus; S. J. Wang
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Imaging Through Atmospheric Turbulence Using Modified Log Gradients
Author(s): Herbert W. Swan; Joseph W. Goodman
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Inverse Scattering In The First Born Approximation
Author(s): William H. Carter
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Wave Theory And Seismic Exploration
Author(s): Arthur B. Weglein
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Inverse Scattering For Smooth Reflecting Objects
Author(s): R. P. Porter
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Electromagnetic Reconstruction Techniques
Author(s): Wolfgang-M. Boerner; Vithal K.S Mirmira; Anthony C. Manson; Chau-W. Yang; Ajay K. Buti
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Computer Tomography Of Strongly Refracting Objects
Author(s): Soyoung Cha; Charles M. Vest
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Reconstruction Of The Index Of Refraction Of A Sphere From Scattering Phase-Shifts At One Frequency
Author(s): C. Eftimiu; P. L. Huddleston
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Discrete Approach To Inverse Scattering In Two Dimensions
Author(s): M. L. Oristaglio
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Derivation And Application Of Extended Parabolic Wave Theories
Author(s): Louis Fishman; John J. McCoy
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Coherence Theory And Caustic Corrections
Author(s): Mark J. Beran
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New Methods For Computing Fields In Focal Regions
Author(s): Jakob J. Stamnes
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Use Of The Concept Of Bragg Diffraction For The Analysis Of Light Scattered From Random Rough Surfaces
Author(s): Hans M. Pedersen
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Wave Scattering From Periodic Surfaces
Author(s): Shun Lien Chuang
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Operator Methods In Physical Optics
Author(s): David Stoler
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Scattering And Depolarization By Rough Surfaces Full Wave Approach
Author(s): Ezekiel Bahar
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Series Technique For Analyzing Wave Propagation In Dielectric Slab Waveguides With A Sinusoidal Boundary
Author(s): J. Z. Wilcox; G. A. Evans; T. J. Wilcox
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