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Wavefront Sensing
Editor(s): Noah Bareket; Chris L. Koliopoulos
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Volume Number: 0351
Date Published: 1 August 1983
: 21 papers (172) pages
ISBN: 9780892523863

Table of Contents
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The Spot Of Arago And Its Role In Wavefront Analysis
Author(s): James E. Harvey; James L. Forgham; Karl Von Bieren
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Wavefront Analysis Of Objectives Using ACCOS-MCI
Author(s): William Swantner; George Lawrence
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Study Of Spatial Filtering Using LOTS-MCI
Author(s): Clinton A. Boye; William Swantner; George Lawrence
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Full Aperture Testing With Subaperture Test Optics
Author(s): John G. Thunen; Osuk Y. Kwon
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Polynomial Fit Of Subaperture Interferograms
Author(s): C. J . Kim
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Comparison Of Wavefront Sensor Configurations Using Optimal Reconstruction And Correction
Author(s): Edward P. Wallner
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Fundamentals Of Wavefront Sensing By Phase Retrieval
Author(s): Robert A. Gonsalves
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Fundamental Performance Limitations For The Phase Retrieval Problem
Author(s): Stanley R. Robinson
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Phase Retrieval By Optical Phase Differentiation
Author(s): John C. Bortz; Brian J. Thompson
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Role Of Diffraction In Phase Retrieval From Intensity Measurements
Author(s): John T. Foley; M. A. Abdul Jalil
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Linear Methods In Phase Retrieval
Author(s): Brent Ellerbroek; Diane Morrison
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Minimum Variance Estimation Of Wavefront Aberration
Author(s): Gregory S. Um; Brian F. Smithgall; Carey L. O'Bryan
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Wavefront Sensors For Turbulence Correction
Author(s): Donald W. Hanson
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Self-Referencing Wavefront Sensor
Author(s): Katie Underwood; J. C. Wyant; C. L. Koliopoulos
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Linear-Scanned-Array (LSA) Outgoing Wavefront Sensor
Author(s): Noah Bareket
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Experimental Verification Of An Image-Based Alignment Technique For Optical Systems In Space
Author(s): N. Wu; B. L. Ellerbroek; S. G. Williams
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Use Of The Superheterodyne Wavefront Analyzer For Ground-To-Space Power Transfer
Author(s): N. A. Massie
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Flow Field Testing With A 64 Parallel Channel Heterodyne Interferometer
Author(s): N. A. Massie; D. M. Swain; M. R. Dunn; S. E. Muenter
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Point Image Focus Sensing Using An Automated Foucault Test
Author(s): David G. Kocher
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Quantitative Shadow Method For Measuring A One-Dimensional Refractive Index Distribution
Author(s): Robert W. Lewis
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