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Optical Thin Films
Editor(s): Richard Ian Seddon
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Volume Number: 0325
Date Published: 29 April 1982
: 24 papers (192) pages
ISBN: 9780892523603

Table of Contents
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Coatings For Laser Fusion
Author(s): W. H. Lowdermilk
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Requirements And Speculations About Air Force And DoD Needs For A Systematic Coating Science And Technology Base
Author(s): Harry V. Winsor
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Microstructure Of Optical Thin Films
Author(s): H. A. Macleod
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Activated Reactive Evaporation
Author(s): J. Ebert
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Design Of A Prototype Semi-Continuous Roll Coater For Optical Multilayers
Author(s): J. A. Dobrowolski; S. H. Lewis; M. Ranger; A. Waldorf; R. L. Wilkinson
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New Techniques For Roll Coating Of Optical Thin Film
Author(s): Martin I. Ridge; Ronald P. Howson; Charles A. Bishop
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Vacuum Roll Coating Equipment
Author(s): Ernst K. Hartwig
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Continuous Coating Of Indium Tin Oxide Onto Large Area Flexible Substrates
Author(s): W. C. Kittler; I. T. Ritchie
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Performance And Sputtering Criteria Of Modern Architectural Glass Coatings
Author(s): Wolf-Dieter Munz; Stefan R. Reineck
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Production Techniques For High Volume Sputtered Films
Author(s): Albany D. Grubb; Thomas S. Mosakowski; Walter G. Overacker
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Stress, Adherence, Hardness, And Density Of Optical Thin Films
Author(s): H. K. Pulker
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Properties Of Ion Assisted Deposited Silica And Titania Films
Author(s): Thomas H. Allen
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Ion Beam Applications For Optical Coating
Author(s): W. C. Herrmann; J. R. McNeil
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Recent Developments In Reactively Sputtered Optical Thin Films
Author(s): W. T. Pawlewicz; P. M. Martin; D. D. Hays; I. B. Mann
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Diamondlike Carbon Thin Films From Ion Activated Techniques
Author(s): T. J. Moravec
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Chemical Vapor Deposition: Applying The Technology To Optics
Author(s): M. R. Jacobson
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Fabrication Of Integral Solar Cell Covers By A Plasma-Activated Source
Author(s): Harold S. Gurev
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3.8 Micron Interferometry For Testing Coated Optics
Author(s): James C. Wyant
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Infrared Ellipsometry
Author(s): Thomas A. Leonard; Jack Stubbs; John S. Loomis
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Experimental And Theoretical Considerations In Thin Film Laser Calorimetry
Author(s): P. A. Temple
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Spectral Emittance Measurements Of Thin Films
Author(s): Donald L. Stierwalt
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Techniques Of Measurement Of Reflectance And Transmittance Of Thin Film Coatings As A Function Of Temperature
Author(s): D. L. Decker; V. A. Hodgkin
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Spatially Uniform Detector Assemblies
Author(s): Erik Anthon
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Measurement Of Infrared Multilayer Filters At Temperatures Down To 4 Deg K
Author(s): J. S. Seeley; R. Hunneman; A. Whatley; D. L. Stierwalt
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