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Atmospheric Effects on Electro-Optical, Infrared, and Millimeter Wave Systems Performance
Editor(s): Richard Gomez

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Volume Number: 0305
Date Published: 30 December 1981

Table of Contents
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Future Optical And Electro-Optical (EO) Instrumentation Requirements Of The Army Smoke Research Program
Author(s): Edward W. Stuebing
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Comparison Of Methods Used To Determine The Mass Extinction Coefficient For Phosphorus Smokes
Author(s): W. M. Farmer; K. L. Krist
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Analysis Of Current Electro-Optical Modeling And Field Testing In The Smoked Environment
Author(s): Robert A. Sutherland
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Extinction By Aerosol Clouds Of Nonspherical Particles At Arbitrary Wavelengths
Author(s): Janon F. Embury
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Visible, Infrared (IR), And Microwave Propagation In And Near Large Fires
Author(s): Thomas Y. Palmer
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Sequential Process Method Of Modeling Thermo-Gradients And The Dynamics Of Fire Plumes
Author(s): L. A. Gemoets; R. G. McIntyre; E. E. Gemoets; L. J. Hockett
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Effects Of Atmospheric And Man-Made Obscurants On Visual Contrast
Author(s): Richard C. Shirkey
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Optical Characteristics Of Windblown Dust
Author(s): Mary Ann Seagraves
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Transmission Effects Of Explosion-Produced Dust Clouds On Downward Viewing Airborne Platforms
Author(s): John F. Ebersole
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Review Of Cirrus Cloud Optical Properties And Effects On Infrared Sensors
Author(s): John D. Malick
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Weather And Thermal Electric-Optical Sensor Performance
Author(s): Harold E. Geitmacher
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Visible And Infrared Transmission Through Snow
Author(s): Mary Ann Seagraves; John F. Ebersole
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Measurements Of Infrared And Visible Extinction In Adverse Weather
Author(s): G. G. Gimmestad; L. W. Winchester; S. M. Lee
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Measurements Of The Phase Function Of Natural Particles
Author(s): L. W. Winchester; G. G. Gimmestad; R. B. Wetzel; S. M. Lee
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Assessment Of Operational Techniques For Estimating Visible Spectrum Contrast Transmittance
Author(s): Wayne S. Hering
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Measurements Of The Properties Of Wintertime Fog And Haze In West Germany: A Preliminary Report On Project "Meppen 80"
Author(s): James D. Lindberg
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Contrast Transmittance Models For Cloudy Atmospheres
Author(s): Robert E. Turner
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Optical Properties Of Model Aerosols Growing Into Fogs
Author(s): Rufus E. Bruce; Juan O. Lawson
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Aerosol Modeling In The Marine Boundary Layer
Author(s): Lothar H. Ruhnke
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Aerosol Composition In The Marine And Coastal Boundary Layer
Author(s): E. J. Mack; J. T. Hanley; R. J. Pilie; C. K. Akers; B. J. Wattle
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The Effect Of The Aerosol On Fog Microstructure
Author(s): James G. Hudson
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Meteorological Models For Optical Properties In The Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Author(s): C. W. Fairall; K. L. Davidson; G. E. Schacher
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Modified Gamma Aerosol Model For The Marine Environment
Author(s): Herbert G. Hughes
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Satellite Measurements Of Aerosols Over Oceans
Author(s): Michael Griggs
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Impact Of Aerosol Modeling On Performance Calculations Of Electro-Optic (EO) Systems Operating In Marine Environments
Author(s): Barry S. Katz
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Preliminary Shipboard Optical Turbulence Measurements
Author(s): Richard F. Horton
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Millimeter-Wave Propagation Measurements At The Ballistic Research Laboratory
Author(s): H. Bruce Wallace
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Moisture Sounding At Millimeter Wavelengths (94/183 GHz) At High Altitudes
Author(s): J. A. Gagliano; J. M. Schuchardt; T. T. Wilheit; J. L. King
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Near Millimeter Wave (NMMW) Snow Extinction: Atmospheric Sciences Laboratory-MMTRN Model And Data Review
Author(s): Douglas R. Brown
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Model For Resonant Transmittance In The Millimeter Wave Region
Author(s): Joseph H. Pierluissi; Ken Tomiyama; Doug Fowler; Richard B. Gomez
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Instrumentation For Millimeter Wave Turbulence Measurements
Author(s): R. W. McMillan; R. A. Bohlander; G. R. Ochs
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Characteristics Of Near-Millimeter Wave Propagation In Snow
Author(s): J. Nemarich; R. J. Wellman; D. Rocha; G. B. Wetzel
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The Change Of Limiting Resolution Of Electro-Optical Systems Due To Atmospheric Effects
Author(s): To R. Hsing; A. D. Poularikas
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Experimental Measurements Of Turbulence Induced Beam Spread And Wander At 1.06, 3.8, And 10.6 µm
Author(s): D. M. Cordray; S. K. Searles; S. T. Hanley; J. A. Dowling; C. O. Gott
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