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Modern Utilization of Infrared Technology VII
Editor(s): Irving J. Spiro

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Volume Number: 0304
Date Published: 31 March 1982

Table of Contents
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Drift Compensation In A Mosaic Sensor
Author(s): Ronald J. Adler; Fei Mei L. Chou; Leonard H. Wald
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Jitter-Induced Clutter In Staring Sensors Arising From Background Spatial Radiance Gradients
Author(s): Paul K. Mazaika
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Utility Of Infrared Measurements Programs
Author(s): R. K. Chadbourne; P. Kramer; R. Mollicone; F. Billingsley
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Thermal Infrared Pushbroom Imagery Acquisition And Processing
Author(s): Thomas J. Brown; Francis J. Corbett; Timothy J. Spera; Thiophilos Andrada
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Goal Programming For Preliminary Design And Critical Technology Identification: Application To Infrared Step-Stare Moving Target Detection
Author(s): P. L. Smith; H. B. Dyner
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Recent Measurements Of Earth Background Spatial Radiance Variations
Author(s): E. M. Winter
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Balloon Atmospheric Mosaic Measurements (BAMM) IIA Phenomenology And Band Selection
Author(s): T. Kassal; J. E. A. Selby; R. Waters
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Infrared Application To The Detection Of Induced Surface Currents
Author(s): Ronald M. Sega; Victor M. Martin; Donald B. Warmuth; Robert W. Burton
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Spectral Tuning Of Shallow-Junction Surface-Emitting Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Through Y-Ray Irradiation
Author(s): I. Hirsh; S. Hava; N. S. Kopeika; A. P. Kushelevsky; Z. B. Alfassi; H. Aharoni; M. Polak
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Two Years Orbital Performance Summary Of Stirling Cycle Mechanical Refrigerators
Author(s): L. G. Naes; T. C. Nast
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Smear Compensation For A Pushbroom Scan
Author(s): Thomas J. Janssens; Sergio F. Valdes
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Theory And Experimental Results Of A Charge Transport Detector
Author(s): Irving Bleicher
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Statistical Modeling Of Scene Variability
Author(s): A. T. Maksymowicz; R. A. Bankus; W. W. Davis; V. J. Pecora; L. H. Wald
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Radiative Transfer And 4.3µm Atmospheric Clutter Observations
Author(s): C. M. Randall; L. T. Greenberg
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Infrared Spectral Radiance Of The Sky
Author(s): A. Ben-Shalom; A. D. Devir; S. G. Lipson
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Earth Limb Emission Analysis Of Spectral Infrared Rocket Experiment (SPIRE) Data At 2.7 Micrometers
Author(s): R. Sharma; R. Nadile; A. T. Stair; W. Gallery
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Solid-State Shuttle-Launched Meteorological Sensor
Author(s): S. U. Carnahan; J. R. Eargle; R. E. Noll; F. L. Schaff; V. L. Williams
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Determination Of Atmospheric Water Vapor Content In Moderate Optical Paths By Radiometric Measurements
Author(s): E. Trakhovsky; A. D. Devir; S. G. Lipson
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Review Of Some Nonlocal-Thermodynamic-Equilibrium High-Altitude 4.3µm Background Effects
Author(s): J. B. Kumer
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Infrared Zoom Lens System For Target Detection
Author(s): Allen Mann
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Simple Infrared Telescope With Stray-Light Rejection
Author(s): David Shafer
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Infrared Techniques Applied To Large Solar Arrays
Author(s): R. Paulson; H. Decker; J. Hodor; J. Barney
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Development And Evaluation Of Integrated Infrared Arrays For Astronomical Applications
Author(s): Craig R. McCreight
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Wax Films Used As Infrared Photographic Recording Medium
Author(s): R. A. Lessard; L. Guenette; R. Beaulieu
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Horizontal Tunneling And Surface Band Bending: An External Technique For Wavelength Tuning Of Surface-Emitting Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
Author(s): N. S. Kopeika; I. Hirsh; S. Hava; H. Aharoni
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Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) Measurements Of Sunshield And Baffle Materials For The Infrared Astronomy Satellite (IRAS) Telescope
Author(s): Sheldon M. Smith
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Overview Of Infrared Measurement Programs
Author(s): I. J. Spiro
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