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Real-Time Signal Processing IV
Editor(s): Tien F. Tao
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Volume Number: 0298
Date Published: 30 July 1982
Softcover: 0 papers (0) pages
ISBN: 9780892523320

Table of Contents
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Parallel Processing Algorithms And Architectures For Real-Time Signal Processing
Author(s): Jeffrey M. Speiser; Harper J. Whitehouse
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A 200 Million Operations Per Second (MOPS) Systolic Processor
Author(s): J. Blackmer; G. Frank; P. Kuekes
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Matrix Triangularization By Systolic Arrays
Author(s): W. M. Gentleman; H. T. Kung
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Systolic Array Processor Implementation
Author(s): J. J. Symanski
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Problem Adaptation To Systolic Arrays
Author(s): R. W. Priester; H. J. Whitehouse; K. Bromley; J. B. Clary
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Computation Of Minimum Eigenvalue Of Toeplitz Matrix By Levinson Algorithm
Author(s): Yu-hen Hu; Sun-Yuan Kung
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Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Approach To Real-Time Computation Problems
Author(s): Lennart Johnsson; Danny Cohen
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Josephson Technology Special Purpose Systolic Architecture Signal Processing Application
Author(s): Bryan C. Troutman; Brian R. Mercy
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New York University (NYU) Ultracomputer -- A General-Purpose Parallel Processor
Author(s): Allan Gottlieb; Ralph Grishman; Clyde P. Kruskal; Kevin P. McAuliffe; Larry Rudolph; Marc Snir
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Scattering Arrays For Matrix Computations
Author(s): Jean-Marc Delosme; Martin Morf
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Implementation Of Cellular Arrays
Author(s): James W. Fawcett
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Architecture Of An Advanced Signal Processor
Author(s): Scott E. Townsend
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Signal Processing Technology Overview
Author(s): Keith Bromley; Harper J. Whitehouse
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Cryogenic Frequency Domain Optical Mass Memory
Author(s): G. C. Bjorklund; W. Lenth; C. Ortiz
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Dynamic Spatial Filter For Optical Signal Processing Using A Liquid Crystal Light Valve
Author(s): William R. Mallory; H. Lee Task
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Recent Progress In Acoustic Processing By Coherent Optical Techniques
Author(s): Poohsan N. Tamura; Joseph J. Rebholz; O. T. Daehlin; Tzuo-Chang Lee
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A large scale integration based, signal processor -- its application and possible evolution
Author(s): W. L. Harland; R. Carvell, Jr.
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Neural Analog Information Processing
Author(s): Robert Hecht-Nielsen
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Video Compression Using Sampled Data Analog Devices
Author(s): David N. Ludington
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Real-Time Image Computer Configuration
Author(s): P. Wambacq; J. De Roo; L. Van Eycken; A. Oosterlinck; H. Van den Berghe
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Microprogrammable High-Speed Bit Slice Image Processor
Author(s): Paul E. Thomas; Robert D. Glass
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Batch Covariance Relaxation (BCR) Adaptive Processing
Author(s): S. M. Daniel
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Parallel Signal Processing For Optical Satellite Detection
Author(s): G. J. Mayer; M. J. MacDonald
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Digital Pipelined Hardware Median Filter Design For Real-Time Image Processing
Author(s): Dennis J. Delman
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Plasma Analyzing And Controlling System With Real-Time Signal Processing
Author(s): R. Paulson; A. Porter; T. Schapp; J. Barney; J. Hodor
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Programmable Systems Components A Comprehensive Approach To Signal Processing
Author(s): H. Dean Toombs
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Very High Speed Integrated Circuit (VHSIC) Antijam Communications Chipset And Brassboard Demonstration
Author(s): Gene F. Bowers
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Navy Real-Time Signal Processor Development: Second Generation Planned Service Standard
Author(s): C. B. Robbins
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Advanced Onboard Signal Processors For Satellite Communication Systems
Author(s): John Basel; George A. Works
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Experimental Distributed Microprocessor Implementation With A Shared Memory Communications And Control Medium
Author(s): Richard S. Mejzak
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Architecture And Applications Of The HEP Multiprocessor Computer System
Author(s): Burton J. Smith
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Considerations For Real-Time Processing In A Local Area Network
Author(s): Ralph Martinez
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A Militarized Distributed Processing System
Author(s): R. Mauriello
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Military Data Compression Standard
Author(s): C. E. Winterbauer
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Real-Time Multiradar Simulation With A Multiprocessor
Author(s): F. P. Hiner
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The Software-Implemented Fault Tolerance (SIFT) Approach To Fault Tolerant Computing
Author(s): Jack Goldberg
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Multicomputer Systems In Real-Time Sensor Data Processing: A Look At The Problems Of Throughput And Reliability
Author(s): William C. McDonald
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Motivation For A Combined Data Flow-Control Flow Processor
Author(s): Donald W. Oxley
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Real-Time Modular Distributed Signal Processing
Author(s): James S. Gross; Jay N. Patel; Virginia Kobler
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Cooperative Highly Available Multiprocessor (CHAMP) Networks Have Great Potential For Signal Processing
Author(s): C. Edward Wischmeyer; Robert M. Weiman
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