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Wavefront Distortions in Power Optics
Editor(s): Claude A. Klein

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Volume Number: 0293
Date Published: 30 December 1981

Table of Contents
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Phase Aberrations And Laser Output Beam Quality
Author(s): C. J. Knight; G. W. Sutton; R. Berggren
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Limitations On The Use Of Root-Mean-Square (rms) Phase To Describe Beam Quality Characteristics
Author(s): Robert D. Quinnell
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Aberrations In High Power Laser Systems
Author(s): Charles B. Hogge
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Aberrations And Focusability In Large Solid-State Laser Systems
Author(s): W. W. Simmons
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Overview Of Aero-Optical Phenomena
Author(s): Allen E. Fuhs
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Effects Of Flow Fields In Optical Systems
Author(s): M. W. Munn; W. L. Hendricks
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Interferometry Of Large Diameter Beam Expanders
Author(s): Bill Mullins
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Wavefront Distortion Introduced By Sampling With A Hole Grating
Author(s): Marija S. Scholl
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Effects Of Piston And Tilt Errors On The Performance Of Multiple Mirror Telescopes
Author(s): R. R. Butts
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Fresnel Ripple Mapping Of Water-Cooled Laser Mirrors
Author(s): Charles L. Budde
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Optical Distortion And Far Field Measurements For Laser Window Materials
Author(s): John A. Detrio
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Pulsed Visible Laser Flow And Acoustics
Author(s): C. Knight; K. Tong; P. Singh; B. Srivastava
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Flashlamp-Induced Thermal Distortion In An Active-Mirror Nd:glass Laser Amplifier
Author(s): Joseph A. Abate
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Medium Induced Phase Aberrations In Continuous Wave (cw) Hydrogen Fluoride Chemical Lasers
Author(s): S. W. Zelazny; W. A. Chambers; W. F. Van Tassell; W. F. Brandkamp
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Mode-Medium Interactions
Author(s): D. Korff; S. Glickler; M. Tekula; A. Flusberg; A. Ballantyne; C. Duzy
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Phase Grating Effects In Pulsed CO2 Electric Discharge Lasers
Author(s): Gregory C. Dente
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Intraresonator Phase Conjugation
Author(s): T. J. Karr; H. J. Hoffman
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Optical Phase Conjugation In (Hg,Cd)Te
Author(s): P. W. Kruse; M. A. Khan; J. F. Ready
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Pseudo-Conjugation/Compensation Of High-Power Optical Trains
Author(s): T. R. O'Meara
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Phase Aberrations And Beam Cleanup Techniques In Carbon-Dioxide Laser Fusion Systems
Author(s): V. K. Viswanathan
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Adaptive Optics�Problems And Prospects
Author(s): John W. Hardy
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Local Optical Correction System
Author(s): P. L. Misuinas; C. Chi
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Wavefront Sensing And Control Aspects In A High Energy Laser Optical Train
Author(s): Michael Bartosewcz; Noah Bareket
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Deformable Mirrors For All Seasons And Reasons
Author(s): R. H. Freeman; J. E. Pearson
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