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Infrared Astronomy: Scientific/Military Thrusts and Instrumentation
Editor(s): Nancy W. Boggess; Howard J. Stears
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Volume Number: 0280
Date Published: 27 July 1981
Softcover: 26 papers (212) pages
ISBN: 9780892523139

Table of Contents
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Space Infrared Astronomy: Overview Of NASA Planning
Author(s): Michael G. Hauser
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Test Results Of Spacelab 2 Infrared Telescope Focal Plane
Author(s): E. T. Young; G. H. Rieke; T. N. Gautier; W. F. Hoffmann; F. J. Low; W. Poteet; G. G. Fazio; D. Koch; W. A. Traub; E. W. Urban
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The Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE)
Author(s): John C. Mather
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Infrared Spectroscopy In Astronomy
Author(s): J. R. Houck
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Air Force Geophysics Laboratory (AFGL) Infrared Sky Survey Experiments
Author(s): S. D. Price; T. L. Murdock; K. Shivanandan
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CIRRIS--A Cryogenic Infrared (IR) Radiance Instrument For Shuttle
Author(s): M. Ahmadjian; D. R. Smith; A. T. Stair; K. Baker
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Application Of JFets To Low Background Focal Planes In Space
Author(s): F. J. Low
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Infrared Camera For 10 p m Astronomy
Author(s): John F. Arens; Gerald M. Lamb; Michael C. Peck
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Low Background Spectral Response Of 30-130 pm Detectors From Blackbody Measurements
Author(s): W. J. Moore
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Bulk And Integrated Acousto-Optic Spectrometers For Molecular Astronomy With Heterodyne Spectrometers
Author(s): G. Chin; D. Buhl; J. M. Florez
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Cryo-Cooler Development For Space Flight Applications
Author(s): Robert E. Harris; James E. Chenoweth; Ronald White
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Airborne Measurements Of Infrared Atmospheric Radiance And Sky Noise
Author(s): D. E. Lencioni; W. E. Bicknell; D. L. Mooney; W. J. Scouler
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Monochromator-Interferometer Combination For Submillimeter Astronomical Spectrometry From Aircraft
Author(s): Martin Harwit; Noel T. Kurtz; Ray W. Russell; Scott Smyers
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Far-Infrared Spectrophotometer For Astronomical Observations
Author(s): Harvey Moseley; Robert F. Silverberg
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InSb Heterodyne Receivers For Submillimeter Astronomy
Author(s): T. G. Phillips
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433 Micron Laser Heterodyne Observations Of Galactic CO From Mauna Kea
Author(s): D. Buhl; G. A. Koepf; G. Chin; N. McAvoy; H. R. Fetterman; D. D. Peck; B. J. Clifton; P. E. Tannenwald; P. F. Goldsmith; N. R. Erickson
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Infrared Heterodyne Spectroscopy
Author(s): Michael J. Mumma; Theodor Kostiuk; David Buhl; Drake Deming; Gordon Chin
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Infrared Lines From Shocked Galactic Gases
Author(s): Gary Melnick; Martin Harwit
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Shuttle Contamination And Experimentation: DoD Implications
Author(s): B. J. Barnhart; J. C. Baker
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Infrared Astronomical Data Base And Catalog Of Infrared Observations
Author(s): Marion Schmitz; Daniel Y. Gezari; Jaylee M. Mead
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Autonomous Star Cataloging For Space Surveillance Missions
Author(s): N. Westheimer; W. H. Haas
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SIRE--Transition From Free-Flyer To Shuttle Sortie
Author(s): S. C. Ferdman; S. G. McCarthy
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Preliminary Assessment Of SIRE's Potential For Contamination
Author(s): D. L. Mah; J. A. Muscari
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SIRE Operations Concept For Shuttle
Author(s): Daniel H. Ziegler
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Groundbased Infrared Measurements Using The AMOS/MOTIF Facility
Author(s): Jamie C. Chapman
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Prediction Of Infrared (IR) Celestial Source Counts
Author(s): Jerry Krassner
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