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Application of Optical Instrumentation in Medicine VIII
Editor(s): Joel E. Gray; William R. Hendee; Andrew G. Haus; William S. Properzio
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Volume Number: 0233
Date Published: 18 August 1980
Softcover: 43 papers (304) pages
ISBN: 9780892522620

Table of Contents
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Comparison Of Modified Bootstrap And Conventional Sensitometry In Medical Radiography
Author(s): Daniel R Bednarek; Stephen Rudin
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Comparison Of Methods Used To Measure The Characteristic Curve Of Radiographic Screen/Film Systems
Author(s): Louis K. Wagner; Arthur G. Haus; Gary T. Barnes; Jose A. Bencomo; Sharad R. Amtey
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New Method For The Experimental Determination Of The Detective Quantum Efficiency Of X-Ray Screens
Author(s): C. E. Dick; J. W. Motz; H. Roehrig
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Factors Affecting The Experimental Line Spread Function (Lsf) Measurement And Modulation Transfer Function (Mtf) Calculation Including Deviation In Characteristic Curve Shape
Author(s): Marcia E. Dahle; Arthur G. Haus
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Analysis Of The Effects Of Mtf, Scatter, And Display On Observer Perceptibility And Dose Efficiency Of Film-Screen-Grid Radiography
Author(s): Gerald Cohen; Louis K. Wagner; Sharad R. Amtey; Gary Keyes
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Large Area Contrast Prediction In Screen-Film Systems
Author(s): Carl , J. Vyborny; Charles E. Metz; Kunio Doi
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Rotating Aperture Devices In X-Ray Tomography
Author(s): Stephen Rudin; Daniel R. Bednarek
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Source limitations In Scanned Projection Radiography
Author(s): L Lehmann; W Brody; A Macovski; B. Strul; F DiBianca; N. Pelc
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Low Dose,Low Cost Fluoroscopy, With A Multi-Image Camera And Pulsed Fluoroscopy With Intermittent Storage
Author(s): Ernest W. Edmonds; David M. Hynes; Karl R. Krametz; Dennis Baranoski
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Digital Acquisition System For Photo-Electronic Radiology-A Performance Overview
Author(s): M. M. Frost; S. Nudelman; T. W. Ovitt; H. Roehrig; M. P. Capp; H. Fisher; D. Ouimette
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Residual Potential In Amorphous Selenium Photoreceptors
Author(s): Thomas H. Kirby; Alfonso Zermeno
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Charge Transfer Radiography Using Cadmium Sulfide
Author(s): Ivor Brodie; Robert A. Gutcheck; John B. Mooney
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Dynamic linear tOmography And Routine Linear Tomography: A Clinical Comparison
Author(s): Gerald D. Pond
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Energies And Hazards Of Non-Ionizing Radiations
Author(s): Heinz F. Nitka
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Optics In Medical Ultrasonics
Author(s): Keith Wang
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Performance Testing Of Diagnostic X-Ray Units
Author(s): John M. Niemkiewicz; James A. Mulvaney; Raymond P. Rossi
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Prediction Of Patient Doses In Diagnostic Radiology
Author(s): Charles R. Wilson; David W. Palmer
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Exposure Range For Cine Radiographic Procedures
Author(s): Robert J Moore
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Measurement Of The Texture Contribution To Image Noise In Scintigrams
Author(s): D. Shosa; L. Kaufman; R. Hattner; W. O'Connell
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Digital Radiography
Author(s): P. J. Bjorkholm; M. Annis; E. E. Frederick
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Medical Image Intensifier In 1980 (What Really Happened)
Author(s): Stephen Baiter; Walter Kuhl
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Filters For Chest Radiography
Author(s): N. Ramanathan; J. Paron
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Investigation Of Transmolybdenum Fluorescent Anodes For Mammography
Author(s): G. A. Johnson; F. O'Foghludha
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Energy And Exposure Rate Dependences Of Ionization Chamber And Fluorescent Type Automatic X-Ray Exposure Controls
Author(s): Bruce A. Horn; Charles E. Finney; Kim C. Luk
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Compatibility Of Rare Earth Screens With Automatic Exposure Control Systems
Author(s): James A. Mulvaney; John M. Niemkiewicz; Raymond P. Rossi
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High Bandpass Spatial Filtering Of The Primary X-Ray Beam
Author(s): E. C. Pennington; R. C. Murry; E. E. Christensen
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Improved Lung Nodule Detection With An Equalized Image
Author(s): D. B. Plewes; J. C. Wandtke
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Representation Of Dynamic Information On Static Chest Films By Interlaced Radioaraphy
Author(s): Robert E. Wernikoff; Robert E. Dinsmore; Stephen W. Miller
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Evaluation Of Carbon-Fiber Cassettes
Author(s): Martin Trefler
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Patient Dose In Diagnostic Radiology: When & How?
Author(s): Margit Lassen; Robert O. Gorson
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A Survey Of Entrance Skin Exposure Values For Two Radiographic Projections
Author(s): James J. Vucich
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An Approach To The Establishment Of Technique/Exposure Ranges In Diagnostic Radiology
Author(s): Lawrence N. Rothenberg; Daniel W. Miller; James F. Caravelli
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Variations In Measured Patient Entrance Exposure For Selected X-Ray Procedures
Author(s): Edward L Nickoloff; Thomas J. Beck; Frank P. Leo; Bob W. Gayler
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Implementation Of Patient Exposure Limits By A State Radiological Health Program
Author(s): Maury Neuweg
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Slit Radiography: Problems And Potential
Author(s): James A. Sorenson; James A. Nelson
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Positron Tomographic Imaging Of The Liver With Ga-68 Iron Hydroxide Colloid
Author(s): Bharath Kumar; Tom R. Miller; Barry A. Siegel; Carla J. Mathias; Joanne Markham; Gary J. Ehrhardt; Michael J. Welch
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Heavy-Ion Imaging Applied To Medicine
Author(s): J. I. Fabrikant; C. A. Tobias; M. P. Capp; E. V. Benton; W. R. Holley
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Dose Reduction Potential Of Carbon-Fiber Material In Diagnostic Radiology
Author(s): Ralph E. Shuping; Thomas R. Fewell; Robert A. Phillips; Richard R. Gross; Charles K. Showalter
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Evaluation Of Graphite And Conventional Radiographic Table Tops And Cassettes Under Clinical Conditions
Author(s): Arthur G. Haus; Leroy J. Humphries,; Gerald D. Dodd; Alan W. Rosette
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Digital Subtraction Angiography Of The Human Cardiovascular System
Author(s): Thomas F. Meaney; M. A. Weinstein; Edward Buonocore; William Pavlicek; Gregory P. Borkowski; Joe H. Gallagher; Bruno Sufka; William J. Maclntyre
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Performance Specifications For Diagnostic X-Ray Equipment
Author(s): William R. Hendee; Raymond P. Rossi
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Direct Measurement And On-Line Automatic Interpretation Of Breast Thermographs
Author(s): John R. Milbrath; Ken J. Schlager
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When Is Inhouse Service Cost Effective?
Author(s): Gary T. Barnes; William L. McDanal
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