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Electro-Optical Technology for Autonomous Vehicles
Editor(s): Ronald N. Hubbard

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Volume Number: 0219
Date Published: 24 April 1980

Table of Contents
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The Night Vision and Electro-Optics Laboratory (NV&EOL) Tactical Target Image Data Base
Author(s): George A. Goehrig
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An Infrared Target And Backgrounds Data Base
Author(s): Robert E. Sampson
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Infrared Modeling Of Battlefields And Armored Vehicles
Author(s): Edward C. Friday
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Thermodynamic Modeling Of Infrared Radiation From Scene Components In The 8- to 12-micron Spectral Range
Author(s): M. H. Crowell; D. L. Flynn; P. A. Frazier
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Products Of Vehicle And Grass Fires Affecting Electro-Optical System Performance
Author(s): R. B. Gomez; R. A. Sutherland; L. S. Levitt; E. A. Olivas
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Comparison Of Electro-Optical Sensor Performance Measurements And Model Predictions In Nonideal Weather: Preliminary Results
Author(s): William C. Smith; Roy A. McCrory
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Statistical Sensor Performance Analysis
Author(s): George E. Mavko; Irvin M. Winer
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Rosette Scan Infrared Sensor
Author(s): T. Tajime; S. Wakabavashi; M. Kondo; T. Takei
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Serial Scan Thermal Imaging System Adapted To Midrange Vehicle Size Target
Author(s): M. Kondo; T. Tajime; T. Saheki; J. Yamashita; T. Takei; S. Takahashi
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Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) Sensor For Autonomous Vehicles
Author(s): Stephen R. King; Arlyn E. Asch
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Charge-coupled device (CCD) Camera/Memory Optimization For Expendable Autonomous Vehicles
Author(s): A. Roberts; B. Mathews
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Analysis, Design And Simulation Of Line Scan Aerial Surveillance Systems
Author(s): Moshe Oron; M. Abraham
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Information Processing For Target Recognition From Autonomous Vehicles
Author(s): Belur V. Dasarathy
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Signal Processor Design For Quantum-Noise-Limited Target/Background Discrimination
Author(s): Richard A. Steinberg
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Composite Mapping For Target Discrimination
Author(s): Douglas N. DeFoe
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Airborne Ground Velocity Determination By Digital Processing Of Electro-Optical Line Sensor Signals
Author(s): Moshe Oron; O. Firschein
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The prediction Of Accuracy In Digital Cross-Correlation Of Stereo-Pair Images
Author(s): Thomas W. Ryan; B. R. Hunt
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Digital Signal Processing Of Radar And Optical Images
Author(s): Robert Y. Wong
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Achieving Performance Flexibility In The Intelligent Bandwidth Compression System
Author(s): B. L. Bullock
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Autonomous Target Handoff From An Airborne Sensor To A Missile Seeker
Author(s): Leo E. Kossa; Glenn E. Tisdale
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Advanced Target Tracking By Dynamic Scene Analysis
Author(s): P. M. Narendra; B. Westover; D. P. Panda
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Supertracker: A Programmable Parallel Pipeline Arithmetic Processor For Auto-Cueing Target Processing
Author(s): Harold Mack; S. S. Reddi
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Digital Simulation Approach For Design And Evaluation Of Infrared (IR) Scan And Clutter Reduction Concepts
Author(s): Lloyd Gastineau
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Moving Target Identification (MTI) Algorithm For Passive Sensors
Author(s): Richard D. Holben
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Intelligent Tracking Techniques
Author(s): Thomas J. Willett; Benjamin Reischer
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