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Advances in Focal Plane Technology
Editor(s): William S. Chan

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Volume Number: 0217
Date Published: 7 May 1980

Table of Contents
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Focal Plane Architecture: An Overview
Author(s): William S. Chan
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Direct Capacitive Coupling Of Infrared Detectors To CCD Multiplexers
Author(s): Derek T. Cheung
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Integrated Focal-Plane Array (IFPA) Approach To Large-Area Infrared Focal Plane Architecture
Author(s): R. E. Warren
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Extrinsic Charge-Extraction Device (XCED)--An Extrinsic-Silicon Focal-Plane Array Architecture
Author(s): David N. Pocock; Kuang Y. Chiu; Rolland A. Missman; David E. Nuttall
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Monolithic HgCdTe Focal Plane Array Structures
Author(s): C. G. Roberts; S R . Borrello; R. A. Chapman
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On Focal Plane Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Signal Processing Circuits
Author(s): W. E. Jensen
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State-Of-The-Art Space Telescope Digicon Performance Data
Author(s): R. O. Ginaven; J. P. Choisser; L. Acton; W. Wysoczanski; H. R. Alting-Mees; R. D. Smith; E. A. Beaver; H. J. Eck; A. Delamere; J. L. Shannon
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Infrared/Charge-Coupled Device (IR/CCD) Focal Planes: Principles And Practice
Author(s): R. Broudy; J. Gelpey; M. Gurnee; M. Reine; N. Foss; C. Carrison; M. Dries; T. Hendrickson
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Advanced Approaches To Focal Plane Integration
Author(s): Richard D. Nelson; Elroy C. Smith
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HgCdTe Charge-Coupled Detectors (CCD)
Author(s): S. R. Borrello; R. A. Chapman; A. Simmons; J. D. Beck; M. A. Kinch; C. G. Roberts
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Feasibility Study Of Charge Transfer Devices In HgCdTe/CdTe Heterostructures
Author(s): M. E. Kim; G. M. Williams; S H. Shin; M. Chu; J. Cheung; J C. Kim; C. C. Wang
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Improved Platinum Silicide IRCCD Focal Plane
Author(s): R. Taylor; L. Skolnik; B. Capone; W. Ewing; F. Shepherd; S. Roosild; B. Cochrun; M. Cantella; J. Klein; W. Kosonocky
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Large Time Delay And Integration (TDI) Focal Plane Assembly With An Optically Contiguous Pixel Format
Author(s): Henry Sadowski; William Dugger
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Area Array X-Ray Sensors
Author(s): D. M. McCann; M. C. Peckerar; W. Mend; D. A. Schwartz; R. E. Griffiths; G. Polucci; M. V. Zombeck
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Fabrication And Evaluation Of A Monolithic InSb CID
Author(s): David N. Pocock; Ichiro Kasai; David E. Nuttall; Chih-Hong Chen; Robert N. Ting
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Infrared focal planes-an evaluation
Author(s): W. D. Baker
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Infrared (IR) Focal Planes-The Army's Concerns
Author(s): Wayne Grant
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Focal Plane Signal Processing Requirements For Scanned Charge-Injection Device (CID) Arrays
Author(s): D. J. MacLennan; M. K. Quick; S. W. Lefort
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Low-power Compensation Technique For Fixed Pattern Noise In Infrared Staring Arrays
Author(s): Richard W. Helfrich
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Issues In Advanced Focal Plane Manufacturing And Evaluation
Author(s): James C. Fraser
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Problems In Measuring Performance Of Staring Infrared (IR) Focal Planes
Author(s): J. D. Merriam; R. K. Bentley
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Nuclear and space radiation effects in infrared detectors
Author(s): Arne H. Kalma
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Metal Insulated Semiconductor (MIS) Radiation Effects Considerations For Infrared Focal-Plane Arrays
Author(s): J. M. Killiany; N. S. Saks
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HgCdTe Mosaic Arrays For Hybrid Applications
Author(s): W. E. Tennant
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HgCdTe Hybrid Focal-Plane Arrays
Author(s): K. J. Riley; A. H. Lockwood
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InAsSb Hybrid Imager Evaluation
Author(s): J. P. Rode
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Hybridized Multichannel Optical Receivers
Author(s): David Medved; John Keating
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Pyroelectric/CCD Hybrid Focal Plane
Author(s): Steven Eliot Lang; Sato Iwasa
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Thermal Imaging Systems Utilizing Pyroelectric Detector Arrays Coupled With Solid-State Readout Techniques
Author(s): Sven C. Nystrom
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