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Applications of Digital Image Processing III
Editor(s): Andrew G. Tescher
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Volume Number: 0207
Date Published: 28 December 1979
Softcover: 41 papers (336) pages
ISBN: 9780892522354

Table of Contents
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Iterative Method Applied To Image Reconstruction And To Computer-Generated Holograms
Author(s): J. R. Fienup
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Image Restoration Using A Norm Of Maximum Information
Author(s): B. Roy Frieden
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Environmental Change Detection In Digitally Registered Aerial Photographs
Author(s): Werner Frei; Tsutomu Shibata; Gerold C. Huth
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Wavefront Sensing By Phase Retrieval
Author(s): Robert A. Gonsalves; Robert Chidlaw
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Linear Regression Formula For Dimensionality Reduction
Author(s): D. F. Mix; R. A. Jones; F. Rahbar
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Heuristic Approach For Video Image Enhancement
Author(s): James K. Chan; Curtis L. May; Andrew M. Chao
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Effect Of Image Aliasing On Image Alignment To Subpixel Accuracy
Author(s): S. M. Jaffey; M. W. Millman
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Digital And Optical Methods Of Image Differencing For Track Assembly
Author(s): Robert B. Asher; Leonard Wald; Donald Hines; David Casasent; Thanh Luu
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Fan-To Parallel-Beam Conversion In CAT By Rubber Sheet Transformation
Author(s): G. W. Wecksung; R. P. Kruger; R. A. Morris
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Nonlinear Restoration Of Filtered Images With Poisson Noise
Author(s): C. M. Lo; A. A. Sawchuk
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Speedup Of Radiographic Inspection Algorithms Using An Array Processor
Author(s): W. G. Eppler; O. Firschein; G. McCulley; J. Keng; J. J. Pearson
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Real-Time Digital Image Filtering And Shading Correction
Author(s): Roger C. Dahlberg
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Comparison Of Digital Image Filters And A Hybrid Smoother
Author(s): H. A. Titus; J. L. Pereira
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New Technique For Blind Deconvolution
Author(s): S. C. Pohlig; J. S. Lim; A. V. Oppenheim; D. E. Dudgeon; A. E. Filip
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Automatic Change Detection For Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
Author(s): Janmin Keng
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Data Handling Recording System
Author(s): Andrew R. Pirich
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Real-Time Image Enhancement Using 3 x 3 Pixel Neighborhood Operator Functions
Author(s): Joseph E. Hall; James D. Awtrey
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Median Masking Technique For The Enhancement Of Digital Images
Author(s): Robert T. Gray; Dennis G. McCaughey; Bobby R. Hunt
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The LAE 980: A Multipurpose Digital Image Processing System
Author(s): P. Colin; A. Hourani; B. Keith; M. Maguid; P. Meyrueis; P. L. Wendel
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Fast Median Filter Implementation
Author(s): Gregory J. Wolfe; James L. Mannos
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Applications Of Programmable Logic Arrays To Video Rate Image Processing
Author(s): Mitchell W. Millman
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Digital Television Parts Measurement System
Author(s): Eugene V. Price; Rolan Vickery
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Multiple Window Display Techniques In Computed Tomography
Author(s): W. J. Nalesnik; J. B. Shields
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Precision Computer Display Techniques In Nuclear Medicine
Author(s): Brent S. Baxter
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Global Local Edge Coincidence Segmentation For Medical Images
Author(s): J. J. Hwang; C. C. Lee; E. L. Hall
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Imaging Techniques Implemented On Pipeline Minis And An Array Processor With Application To Nerve Fiber Counting
Author(s): Harold G. Rutherford; Gary K. Frykman; S. Andrew Yakush; Ivan R. Neilsen
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Computer-Controlled Video Subtraction Procedures For Radiology
Author(s): G. W. Seeley; M. P. Capp; H. D. Fisher; M. M. Frost; S. Nudelman; T. W. Ovitt; H. Roehrig
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Applications Of Digital Processing In Computed Radiography
Author(s): S. R. Amtey; Charles Morgan; Gerald Cohen; L. K. Wagner; S. Handel; R. G. Lester
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Boundary-Finding Scheme And The Problem Of Complex Object Localization In Computed Tomography Images
Author(s): Peter G. Selfridge; Judith M. S. Prewitt
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Reduction Of Edge Position Uncertainty On Computed Tomographic (CT) Scans
Author(s): Joseph A. Horton; Charles Kerber; John M. Herron; Julius Rebek
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Dual-Mode Hybrid Compressor For Facsimile Images
Author(s): Wen-Hsiung Chen; John L. Douglas; William K. Pratt; Robert H. Wallis
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Adaptive Hybrid Coding Of Images
Author(s): Ali Habibi
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Walsh-Hadamard Transform/Differential Pulse Code Modulation (WHT/DPCM) Processing Of Intraframe Color Video
Author(s): E. S. Kim; K. R. Rao
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Practical Universal Noiseless Coding
Author(s): Robert F. Rice
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Conditional Replenishment Using Motion Prediction
Author(s): David N. Hein; Harry W. Jones
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Bandwidth Compression: Its Effect On Observer Performance
Author(s): Joseph E. Swistak
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Video Data Processor (VIDAP): A Real-Time Video Data Compressor
Author(s): Donald J. Spencer
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Bounded-Error Coding Of Cosine Transformed Images
Author(s): R. A. Gonsalves; A. Shea
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Image Coders With Semi-Definite And Definite Decoders
Author(s): T. G. Marshall
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Two-Dimensional Transforms Of The Sampled NTSC Color Video Signal
Author(s): S. J. Orfanidis; T. G. Marshall
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Reduction Of Quantization Noise In Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) Image Coding
Author(s): Jae S. Lim
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