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Developments in Semiconductor Microlithography IV
Editor(s): James W. Dey

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Volume Number: 0174
Date Published: 17 July 1979

Table of Contents
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New Department Of Defense (DOD) Initiative In Very High Speed Integrated Circuits And Its Impact On Lithography
Author(s): Larry W. Sumney
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Testing The Mann Type 4800DSWTM Wafer Steppertm
Author(s): William C. Schneider
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Use Of 436 NM Optical Step-And-Repeat Imaging For Wafer Fabrication
Author(s): Geoffrey R.M. Thomas; Harry L. Coleman; Mike Lanahan
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Influence Of Partial Coherence On Projection Printing
Author(s): M. M. O'Toole; A. R. Neureuther
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Coherent Illumination Improves Step-And-Repeat Printing On Wafers
Author(s): Michel Lacombat; Georges Michel Dubroeucq
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Image Formation In Thick Resist
Author(s): Paul Tigreat
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Evaluation Methods In The Design Stage Of Projection Lenses
Author(s): Ichiro Kano
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Autoalignment In Step-And-Repeat Wafer Printing
Author(s): Ronald S. Hershel
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Diffraction Gratings As Keys For Automatic Alignment In Proximity And Projection Printing
Author(s): Hans P. Kleinknecht
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New Generation Of 1:1 Optical Projection Mask Aligners
Author(s): Michael C. King; Edward S. Muraski
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A Better Mousetrap
Author(s): Jack R. Snyder; Jamie Van DeVen
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Electron Beam Lithography For Maskmaking
Author(s): Kenneth Wishnuff
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Mask Fabrication With Vector Scan Electron Beam System
Author(s): C. H. Ting; A. M. Patlach; A. J. Kraft; P. R. Jaskar
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E-Beam Lithography Field Abutment Characterization Using A Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Spatial Converter
Author(s): D. B. MacDonald; R. C. Vail
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How Photoresists Relate To The World Of 1984
Author(s): Donald W. Johnson
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Portable Conformable Mask-A Hybrid Near-Ultraviolet And Deep-Ultraviolet Patterning Technique
Author(s): B. J. Lin
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Optical Measuring Technology Of The Micropatterns
Author(s): S. Yoshida; K. Nakazawa; A. Tanimoto
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Wafer Flatness: An Overview Of Measurement Considerations And Equipment Correlation
Author(s): David C. Guidici
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Dry Etching With Ion Beam Milling
Author(s): Edsel Overall
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High-Resolution Flatness-Testing Interferometer For 6-Inch Photoplates
Author(s): Charles Edward Synborski
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Positive Photoresists As Ion Implantation Masks
Author(s): David J. Elliott
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Dependence Of Plasma Etch Rate And Uniformity On Resist Type And Processing
Author(s): Albert Zelley
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Prototype photomasksâ€"a low-cost alternative
Author(s): Gary M. Bang
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Computerized Optical Systems For Ilinewidth And Film-Thickness Measurements On Microelectronic Circuits
Author(s): Vincent J. Coates
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