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Advances in Laser Technology for the Atmospheric Sciences
Editor(s): Wally W. Moore; James D. Trolinger
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Volume Number: 0125
Date Published: 18 November 1977
: 15 papers (144) pages
ISBN: 9780892521524

Table of Contents
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Advanced Imaging Techniques: Concept And Understanding
Author(s): David L. Fried
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Image Resolution (OTF) Through Atmospheric Turbulence Over The Ocean
Author(s): E. C. Crittenden; A. W. Cooper; E. A. Milne; G. W. Rodeback; S. H. Kalmbach; R. L. Armstead
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Application Of An Efficient Method For Calculating Transmittance Profiles
Author(s): Richard B. Gomez; Michael T. Potter; Joseph H. Pierluissi
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Comparison Of A Corner-Cube Reflector And A Plane Mirror In Folded-Path And Direct Transmission Through Atmospheric Turbulence
Author(s): H. Gamo; N. Jagannathan; A. K. Majumdar
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Line Spread Instrumentation For Propagation Measurements
Author(s): Wade H. Bailey
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An Examination Of Scaling Laws For C[sub]T[/sub][sup]2[/sup] In The Layer Adjacent To Ocean Waves
Author(s): K. L. Davidson; T. Houlihan; C. Fairall
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Particle Sizing By Laser Photography
Author(s): G. A. Hotham
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Optical Fourier Transform Analysis Of Satellite Cloud Imagery
Author(s): James B. Mason
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A New Subnanosecond Pmt For Laser Application
Author(s): Koichiro Oba; Makoto Suzuki
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Holography Of Solid Propellant Combustion
Author(s): R. A. Briones; R. F. Wuerker
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Diagnostics Of Turbulence By Holography
Author(s): James D. Trolinger
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A Camera For In SITU Photography Of Atmospheric Cloud Particles From An Armored T-28 Hail Research Aircraft
Author(s): Theodore W. Cannon; Robert Woltz
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MIE Scattering From Continued Fractions
Author(s): Thomas Y. Palmer
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Field Testing Of A Long-Path Laser Transmissometer Designed For Atmospheric Visibility Measurements
Author(s): W. T. Kreiss; J. M. Lansinger; W. G. Tank; M. L. Pitchford
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Recent Advances In Optical Particle Size Spectroscopy
Author(s): Robert G. Knollenberg
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