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3rd European Electro-Optics Conf
Editor(s): Herbert A. Elion
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Volume Number: 0099
Date Published: 10 April 1977
Softcover: 50 papers (352) pages
ISBN: 9780892521265

Table of Contents
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Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Of Non-Gaseous Matter
Author(s): Allan Rosencwaig
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Infrared Gas Spectroscopy System Using Pulsed Lead Chalcogenide Diode Lasers
Author(s): Wolfgang Riedel
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Recent Progress On CW Dye Lasers And Potential Applications
Author(s): J. P. Laude; P. Gacoin; J. C. Gautherin; J. Pinard
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Monitoring Complex Trace-Gas Mixtures By Long-Path Laser Absorption Spectrometry
Author(s): B. D. Green; J. I. Steinfeld
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Cost Effective Fiber Communication Systems And Markets
Author(s): Herbert A. Elion
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Development Of Optical Visual Information System Wired City Project In Higashi Ikoma
Author(s): Masahiro Kawahata
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High Radiance Linear LEDs
Author(s): R. R. Fergusson; J. Straus
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Components And System Design Considerations For An Analog Video Optical Fiber Link
Author(s): Martyn F. Roetter; Stuart J. Lipoff
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Two Coupling Methods For Plane Symmetrical Dielectric Waveguides
Author(s): F. Lanzl; O. Meyer; D. Rathjen
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Quantitative Strain Measurement Through Holographic Interferometry
Author(s): R. Dandliker; B. lneichen
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A Review Of Speckle Photography And Interferometry
Author(s): H. Tiziani
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Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter Using LiNbO3 Crystal
Author(s): Yoichi Fujii; Hideki Hayashi
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Electro-Optical Relaxation In The Presence Of Electrical Noise From High Voltage Square Pulses
Author(s): Louis Kaiser; Jean-Louis DeJardin; Sylvain Brunet; Regis Marrony; Michel Fournier
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Electro-Optical Systems And Photosensitive Materials For Information Storage
Author(s): J. P. Huignard
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Effect Of Light-Pulse Shape On Resolution Of Thermomagnetic Holographic Recording
Author(s): M. Skalsky
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Spatial Frequency Distribution Of Thermoplastic Frost Deformation
Author(s): U. Killat
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An Experimental Laser-Enhanced Low-Light-Level-Television System
Author(s): J. M. Williams
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High Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) Phosphor Screens
Author(s): James R. Piedmont; Herbert K. Pollehn
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The Design And Manufacture Of A Continuous Zoom Lens For Thermal Imaging In The 8 To 14 Micron Atmospheric Window
Author(s): P. J. Rogers; G. N. Andrews
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Design Considerations For Coherent Imaging Systems
Author(s): Brian J. Thompson
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Imaging Properties And Applications Of The γ-Ruticon Image Buffer
Author(s): Dorian Kermisch
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Color Recording And Display By Zero Order Diffraction
Author(s): K. Knop; M. T. Gale
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Advances In Ac-Electroluminescent Powder Layers
Author(s): A. G. Fischer; K. Koger; D. Herbst; J. Knufer
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Incandescent Digital Readouts In Avionics
Author(s): David L. Cartwright; John T. Guennewig; Al G. Hemming
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A DC Plasma Display Panel With Inherent Storage
Author(s): J. M. S. Schofield; J. Smith; D. G. Simmons; G. F. Weston
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New Developments In Very High Resolution Vidicons
Author(s): James K. Fisher
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A Magneto-Optic Bubble Display
Author(s): G. B. Scott; D. E. Lacklison; R. F. Pearson; J. L. Page
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Production Of New Molecules And Materials By Laser Photochemistry
Author(s): Jeffrey I. Steinfeld
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An Overview Of Results From Laser Isotope Separation Research At Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory
Author(s): J. Al Sullivan; Reed J. Jensen; C. Paul Robinson
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Theory Of Molecular Collisions In The Presence Of A Laser Field
Author(s): Thomas F. George; John R. Laing; Jian-Min Yuan; I. Harold Zimmerman
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Laser Flash Photolysis--A Dynamical Actinometer At High Light Intensity
Author(s): Chmouel R. Goldschmidt
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Laser Microfluorometer For Fluorescence Decay Measurements In Biology
Author(s): A. Andreoni; A. Longoni; G. Bottiroli; G. Prenna
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Laser-Induced Association As A Possibility For Isotope Separation
Author(s): C. Schmidt
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Aspects Of Interactive Computer Graphics-Applications And Systems
Author(s): Rolf Lindner
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Geometrical Processing With Interactive Graphics
Author(s): Mamoru Hosaka; Fumihiko Kimura
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Fault Tree Graphics
Author(s): Lewis Bass; Hans W. Wynholds; William R. Porterfield
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Application Of An Interactive Graphic Display In A CAD/CAM System For Mechanical Parts
Author(s): Wolf-Eckard Fischer
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Mask Design For Integrated Circuits - An Application For Computer Graphics
Author(s): E. Baubock
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Interactive Computer Graphics On Medium Powered Systems - Applications In Thematic Cartography
Author(s): M. J. Blakemore; P. E. Lloyd
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Status Of High-Power Lasers At The "Centre D'Etudes De Limeil"
Author(s): J. Bardes; M. Bedu; J. C. Courteille; J. Lancelot
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