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Applications of Optics in Medicine and Biology
Editor(s): Robin E. Herron

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Volume Number: 0089
Date Published: 20 January 1977

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A Spatial Information Display Panel For Brain Wave Analysis
Author(s): John C. McKechnie
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Comparisons Of Coded Aperture Imaging Using Various Apertures And Decoding Methods
Author(s): Lee-Tzuu Chang; Burns Macdonald; Victor Perez-Mendez
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Ultraviolet Laser Studies On Endogenous Brain Bioamine-Aldehyde Condensation Products
Author(s): D. W. Shoemaker; J. T. Cummins
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Scattering Pattern Analysis Of Bacteria
Author(s): Koichi Shimizu; Akira Ishimaru
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A Spectral Method For The Rapid Detection And Identification Of Human Viruses
Author(s): Alan Pronovost; Pei Chang; Wilfred H. Nelson
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Virometer - Real-Time Virus Detection And Identification In Biological Fluids
Author(s): Tomas Hirschfeld; Myron J. Block
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Applications Of Interferometry And Optical Metrology In Dentistry
Author(s): Bruce R. Altschuler
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A Low-Light Television System For The In Vivo Measurement Of Oxidative Metabolism As Indicated By NADH Fluorescence
Author(s): William H. Schuette; Boris A. Vern; Willard C. Whitehouse
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Nonlinear Analysis Of Visual Systems Using Leds And Optic Fibers
Author(s): D. Sheby; G. D. McCann
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The KELSH K-460 Stereometric Camera - A New Tool For Medicine And Biology
Author(s): Joseph O. Danko; Jaime R. Cuzzi
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Computerized X-Ray Reconstruction Tomography In Stereometric Analysis Of Cardiovascular Dynamics
Author(s): R. A. Robb; L. D. Harris; E. L. Ritman
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Cinematographic Techniques For Quantifying Human Athletic Performances
Author(s): James S. Walton
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Laser Profiling - A New Approach To Biostereometric Imaging
Author(s): H. J. Caulfield; R. E. Herron
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A Photographic Method For Determining The Topography Of Radiotherapy Patients
Author(s): Wendel D. Renner; Sharad Amtey; P. R. Reddi
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Texture Analysis In Xeromammograms
Author(s): Carolyn Kimme
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Automated Chest X-Ray Analysis
Author(s): E. L. Hall; B. K. Rouge; R. P. Kruger
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Quantitative Muscle Biopsy Analysis
Author(s): Kenneth R. Castleman; Joseph P. Van Der Meulen; T. L. Munsatt; Howard J. Frieden; Joan Higgins
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Measurements Of Lung Vascularity For Early Diagnosis Of Pulmonary Edema
Author(s): A. Franklin Turner; Ernest L. Hall; Richard P. Kruger
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Computer Analysis Of Arteriograms
Author(s): R. H. Selzer; D. H. Blankenhorn; D. W. Crawford; S. H. Brooks; M. E. Sanmarco; J. H. Armstrong; E. B. Beckenbach
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