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Instrumentation in Astronomy II
Editor(s): Lewis Larmore; Donald H. Menzel; David Crawford

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Volume Number: 0044
Date Published: 1 September 1974

Table of Contents
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Large Space Telescope (LST) Observational Capability Of The Solar System
Author(s): Leo A. Klein
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X-Ray Telescopes
Author(s): W. D. Antrim Jr.; R. L. Hall
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The Narrow-Angle Telescope For The Visual Imaging Subsystem Of The Mariner-Venus/ Mercury (1973) Spacecraft.
Author(s): Leonard Larks
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A Stabilized Large-Aperture Far-Infrared Telescope Gondola
Author(s): N. L. Hazen
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Airborne Infrared Astronomy Telescope
Author(s): R. M. Cameron; R. E. Strane
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Current Status Of The Multiple Mirror Telescope
Author(s): William F. Hoffmann
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An Automated Photometric Telescope
Author(s): Albert P. Linnell; Stephen J. Hill
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The NASA 48" Telescope
Author(s): Raymond F. Delgado
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A Self-Scanned Digital Image Tube
Author(s): John P. Choisser; R.Edward Nather; Robert G. Tull
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A Quadrant Photosil Autoguider For The 17/24 Inch Schmidt Telescope At The Institute Of Astronomy, Cambridge
Author(s): J. V. Jelley; A. N. Argue
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Television System Optimization For Astronomy And Special Applications
Author(s): Fredrick L. Schaff
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The Ranicon-A Resistive Anode Image Converter For The Soft X-Ray And Vacuum Ultraviolet
Author(s): M. Lampton; F. Paresce; S. Bowyer
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A 512-Channel Photodiode Array For Solar Observations
Author(s): Richard B. Dunn; David M. Rust; Glenn E. Spence
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Thermal Image Projector/Recorder
Author(s): C. M. Redman
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Microchannel-Plate Concave-Grating Spectrometers
Author(s): George R. Carruthers; Chet B. Opal
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Airborne Far Infrared Solar Spectroscopy
Author(s): William G. Mankin; J. A. Eddy; R. H. Lee; R. M. MacQueen
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Some Astronomical Applications For Precision High-Speed Computer Interfaced Microdensitometry
Author(s): James D. Wray; George F. Benedict
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The Rapid Scanning Michelson Interferometer As An Infrared Spectrometer In Astronomy
Author(s): Thomas H. Morgan; Russell C. Baldwin; Andrew E. Potter
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The Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrograph
Author(s): J. D. F. Bartoe; F. Bartoe; G. E. Brueckner; J. D. Purcell; R. Tousey
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The Photoelectric Spectroheliometer On ATM
Author(s): E. M. Reeves; J. G. Timothy; M. C. E. Huber
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Design Characteristics Of A Skylab Soft X-Ray Telescope
Author(s): E. J. Walsh; T. I. Sokolowski; G. M. Miller; K. L. Cofield Jr.; J. D. Douglas; B. J. Lewter; H. O. Burke; A. J. Davis
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The X-Ray Spectrogmphic Telescope
Author(s): G. S. Vailana; A. S. Krieger; R. Petrasso; J. K. Silk; A. F. Timothy
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The High Altitude Observatory White Light Coronagraph
Author(s): R. M. MacQueen; J. T . Gosling; E. Hildner; R. H. Munro; A. I. Poland; C. L. Ross
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Enhancement Of Ground Based Astronomical Photographs By Digital Image Processing
Author(s): Paul H. Richter
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Optical Synthesis Of Different Wavefronts By Kinoform Principle And Fabrication Of A Schmidt Plate
Author(s): C. Abitbol; J. J. Clair; L. H. Torres
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Infrared Stellar Image Profiles By Digital Superposition
Author(s): David R. Curott; Bruce Atwood
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Parasite Images General Considerations And Design Precepts
Author(s): Jorge E. Simmons
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The Mariner '69 And '71 HIgh-Resolution Camera And Recent Additions To Its Lens Design Program
Author(s): Gary W. Wilkerson
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Use Of Screen Rotation In Testing Large Mirrors
Author(s): I. Ghozeil
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