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Applications of Geometrical Optics II
Editor(s): Warren J. Smith

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Volume Number: 0039
Date Published: 1 March 1974

Table of Contents
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Optical Systems For Direct View Night Vision Devices
Author(s): Martin Shenker
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Considerations For The Design And Evaluation Of Objective Lenses For Low Light Level Applications
Author(s): M. W. McDowell; E. van Rooyen; L. Dicks; A. J. Boettcher
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The Optical Tolerancing Of The Multi-Mirror Telescope
Author(s): MitchelI Ruda
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Diamond Turning Of Parabolic Mirrors
Author(s): J. B. Bryan; R. R. Donaldson; E. R. McClure; H. A. Whelan; R. W. Clouser
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Fringe Benefits In Testing
Author(s): R. R. Shannon
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An Optical Tolerance Gage For Checking Optical Components And Aligning Laser Mirrors
Author(s): Wm. H. Thurston
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Influence Of The Eye On The Performance Of Visual Systems
Author(s): R. Kingslake
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Geometric Optics In Ophthalmic Lens Design
Author(s): John K. Davis
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The Use Of Ray Intercept Curves For Evaluating Holographic Optical Elements
Author(s): Donald H. Close
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New Developments In The Design Of Holographic Optics
Author(s): John N. Latta; Ronald C. Fairchild
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Analytic System Design With Pencil And Ruler--The Advantages Of The y-y Diagram
Author(s): Roland V. Shack
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The Specification Of Optical Systems By Paraxial Transfer Matrices
Author(s): Douglas C. Sinclair
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Analytical Aspects Of The Y-Y Diagram
Author(s): Fernando Jose Lopez-Lopez
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Tilted Component Optical Design Methods For The Infrared
Author(s): R. A. Buchroeder
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A New Approach To The Design Of Very High Resolution, Wide Angle Imaging Systems -- Aspheric Correctors Without Rotational Symmetry For A One-Dimensional Field-Of-View System
Author(s): David L. Fried
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The Generation Of High Order Non-Symmetrical Aspheric Optical Surfaces
Author(s): Harvey L. Morton
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The Ellipsoidal Mirror Used As An Objective Lens
Author(s): Robert P. Reedy
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Nonrotationally Symmetric Systems: A New Problem For Optical Design And Fabrication
Author(s): Berge Tatian
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Zoom Lens Design
Author(s): David S. Grey
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Utilization Of Moving Lens Elements For Compensation Of Aberrations Resulting From Major Conjugate Changes
Author(s): Ellis I. Betensky
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Design Of Apochromats By Graphical Construction
Author(s): John D. Lytle
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Geometrical Optics Analysis Of A Retroreflector System Of Concentric Hemispherical Mirrors
Author(s): Helmut E. Schrank
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Design Of A Low Cost, High Magnification, Passively Stabilized Monocular, The Stedi-Eye
Author(s): David B. Fraser
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Optical Alignment Of A 0.5 Meter Ultra-Violet Spectrometer For Apollo 17
Author(s): I. H. Schroader; C. T. Holliday; G. B. Bush
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Lens Design Since 1966
Author(s): R. E. Hopkins
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A Survey Of Numerical Techniques In Image Evaluation
Author(s): S. H. Brewer
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Ray Selection And Weighting Criteria For Optical Design
Author(s): Peter B. Keenan
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A New Look At Methods Of Automatic Lens Design
Author(s): William E. Mimmack
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An Improved Zoom Lens With External Entrance Pupil
Author(s): Karl M. Bystricky; Paul R. Yoder Jr.
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