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Developments in Laser Technology I
Editor(s): Fred M. Emens; Brian Thompson; J. M. Forsyth

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Volume Number: 0020
Date Published: 17 May 1969

Table of Contents
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Ruby And ND:YAG Lasers
Author(s): C.Martin Stickley
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Glass Lasers
Author(s): C. G. Young
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Dye Lasers
Author(s): Benjamin B. Snavely
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Recent Developments In Gas Laser Technology
Author(s): J. M. Forsyth
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Infrared Lasers
Author(s): C.K.N. Patel
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Picosecond Laser Pulses
Author(s): A. J. DeMaria
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Self-Giant-Pulsed Operation Of Ruby And Nd[sup]3+[/sup]:YAG Lasers
Author(s): Milton Birnbaum
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Properties Of Tungsten-Pumped Continuous ND:YAG Lasers
Author(s): John E. Gallagher
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Parameter Measurements On Small CO[sub]2[/sub] Lasers
Author(s): R.Anthony Crane
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Dye Laser Action In The Near Ultraviolet
Author(s): James A. Myer; Irving Itzkan; E. Kierstead
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Laser Interferometry
Author(s): Donald R. Herriott
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Laser Metrology
Author(s): David L. Wright
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Laser Communications
Author(s): Monte Ross
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Applications Of High Power Laser Radiation To Controlled Fusion
Author(s): Moshe J. Lubin
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New Non-Linear Materials And Their Uses
Author(s): Mark W. Dowley
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Lasers In Biology And Medicine
Author(s): Samuel Fine; Edmund Klein
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Laser Displays
Author(s): C. E. Baker
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Recent Developments In Holography
Author(s): Emmett N. Leith
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Spectroscopic Hole Burning In Saturable Dyes
Author(s): David L. Stockman
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